Fixing Problem Installing Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013
I have found a way to get around the licensing problem installing MS Streets & Trips 2013.
I had previously had ST 2013 installed but after I did a restore it would not reinstall, I had no problem installing it on an old computer running Win XP and an other HP laptop exactly the same as mine,
To get ST 2013 to install I went to CNET and down loaded and installed Streets and Trips 2010 Trial.. After installed the old version ST 2010 the installed ST 2013 and to my surprise it worked. There must be a shared file maybe a DLL that made the installation work. Good Luck!
Ken in Regina

This is just to let you know that I deleted your other post about reinstalling S&T. It was basically a duplicate of the post above. I left the one with the best explanation. Thanks for sharing.

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