A Mobile MileCharter?
I know I'm fairly quiet around here, but as a previous MapPoint developer, I do keep an eye on threads, and people are still buying my MapPoint products.

Some of you might be aware of my "MileCharter" product. Originally for MapPoint, there are now a few other versions - all PC based. MileCharter calculates route distance/time/cost tables from one group of locations to another group. There is an additional feature that can perform queries along the lines of "only report the 3 closest destinations that are also within 20 minutes travel time".

I am considering writing a mobile version. Features would be cut down and concentrate on the "find closest" functionality. So you could find the closest destination using current, pessimistic, or optimistic traffic conditions. Perhaps also find the optimum route order using current traffic conditions. It would then pass the route to Google Maps for navigation.

Some possible use cases:

- a sales rep who needs to visit customers or potential customers but does not have a fixed schedule (eg. cold calls?)

- an estate agent/realtor who is giving a tour of houses for sale (they want to visit them in the allotted time but the order doesn't really matter)

- domestic service: eg. landscapers or pool cleaners.

We would be looking at Android initially.

Would anyone here be interested in a product like this? Or do you know of someone who might?

If so please contact me off list, or start a discussion here.

What are your needs? What is your use case?
How are your locations stored at the moment? (eg. contact list, vcards, etc) From your perspective, what would be a convenient way to get them into such an app?
Are there any other features you would find useful?
Would you be interested in helping test the app?

Best regards,

An early version of MileCharter for Mobile is now available for usability testing. This allows you to find the closest customers to your current location, taking into account local driving conditions. It can also provide a hybrid route through all customers.

The main outstanding area of functionality involves the location input options. At the moment, you can only input your destinations (ie. customers) by typing them in and either typing a street address or choosing a point on a map.

This test version is currently free, although final version will have advertising and subscription options.

For more information, see

contact me if you would like to try MileCharter for Mobile..



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