Windows 10 1803 Serial Port Dropout
Marvin Hlavac
Autoroute lags further and further behind as a trip continues.
Refresh rate higher than 1Hz could cause this in AR, too.

Marvin VE3VEE
Marvin Hlavac
When I posted the above I got a message saying:

Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired.
Sorry for that Andrew. It can be very frustrating when that happens. I've had that happened more than once. I think it happened to me when I had started to write a reply, but then did some browsing of the forum and took a long time to then finish typing my reply. When I finally hit the "Post" button, I got the "token has expired" message.
We are home in Perth after 19 hour flight from Rome.

The last few days of driving were much easier once we had PC-based satnav using nRoute because we were able to plan and follow a route that closely followed the coast south from Pisa to Rome. It would have been much harder if we had had to use the PND.

Now that we are home I will be able to investigate why I was having problems. I suspect the USB ports because I was also having trouble with both camera SD cards. They kept being unreadable and having to be reformated after copying photos to PC and moving photos to Copied folder on SD card for backup. Problem went away once I stopped moving the photos. Ditto with SD card in dashcam. I moved photos to PC to free up space. Once I let image files get overwritten problem went away.
I finally got around to organising putting the laptop in for repairs under warranty. I checked my emails from Dell.

I ordered it on 14 June 17. Oh Oh!

It was delivered on 23 June 17. Whew.

Still under warranty, though in Australia we have the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) that says that, despite what the manufacturer says the warranty is, they are liable to fix a problem if it doesn't last as long as a "reasonable person" would expect it to.



Example only (outcome may differ in individual cases):

Matt buys a television for $6,000. It stops working two years later. The supplier tells him he has no rights to repairs or another remedy as the television was only covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months.

Even if Matt had purchased an extended warranty, he may still have the right to a remedy under the ACL because a reasonable person would expect a $6,000 television to last longer than two years. Matt has a statutory right to a remedy on the basis that the television is not of acceptable quality and the supplier must provide a remedy free of charge.


Apple was fined AUD9 million yesterday for breaching the ACL.


I had a text chat will a Dell rep in India. They have sent me the details for free postage to repair centre in Sydney.

I will update you when it comes back as to whether it continues to lose the GPS.

I have tried the 2 GPSs that we had with us while we were in Italy in another PC and they worked flawlessly.
Marvin Hlavac

I have tried the 2 GPSs that we had with us while we were in Italy in another PC and they worked flawlessly.

Same OS version?
Almost brings back memories of a Dell I had at work that wouldn't work with my GPS. I did ask the rep for assistance as it had previously worked with a Toshiba but we couldn't resolve it. Of course that was 30+ years ago and I was using Delorme Map'n'Go. Can't recall which Windows O/S though!

Originally Posted by tcassidy
Of course that was 30+ years ago and I was using Delorme Map'n'Go.
Wow, you were using a GPS back in ~1985? My first GPS was a DeLorme Earthmate with a serial interface back in 2000 so you've got me beat by a lot. Are you sure it was more than 30 years ago? Windows 1.0 was released in 1985, which is the same year I got my first Macintosh (my first computer was an Apple ][ in 1978). Dell introduced their first computer in 1984 so you were an early adopter there too.
Boyd, you caught me there!

Maybe I am off there. I really can't remember clearly especially back before the turn of the century!! I was in the right area for that in the mid eighties but it was probably a little later; possibly the early nineties. So lets say 20+ years. It wasn't my computer as I did not have my own laptop in those days.

I see Delorme and AAA released Map'nGo in 1995 so it must have been mid 90's.

Haha, I thought that didn't sound right. I remember back around 1983 my boss got a KayPro II computer. it ran CP/M http://oldcomputers.net/kayproii.html

I worked for him for many years and we became good friends, but he was always terrible with computers. But he had a lot of money and liked tech toys. I spent hours helping him with that thing. The "laptop" did not exist yet - this thing was a big heavy suitcase!
Here is the text of the PC Problem Report I sent to Dell when I posted the PC for repair.

PC Problem Report

The PC has been Recovered to factory default using:

Update and Security
Reset this PC
Get started
Remove everything

Before I made the changes below I created a Recovery Point so you could revert to this if you wish to do so.

The only changes I have made to the PC since then are:

Insert USB GPS so Prolific USB to Serial driver was installed.
Install Franson GPSGate Splitter so I could check GPS output.
Install VisualGPSView so I could check GPS output.
Change Power Settings so that PC does not switch off on battery or mains power so I could check GPS output over an extended period.

Problems With PC

1. Left and Right SHIFT keys do not work.
2. CAPS LOCK key shifts letter keys (a, A) but it does not shift symbol ([, {) or numeric keys (3, #).

This is a new problem that I have become aware of since the rebuild. It may have present before this but I was using a Registry setting to remap the CAPS LOCK key as a SHIFT key. This is how I was able to continue to use the PC for several weeks while we were travelling in Europe.

Rectified Problems with PC

When I initially text chatted to your representative I reported the problems below but after Recovering the PC I cannot reproduce them so they must have been due to a software error.

3. When using 2 different USB SD card adapters in all 3 USB sockets to copy files from 2 different SD cards from my cameras there was no problem. However, if I moved the photos on the SD cards to a Copied folder the cards were corrupted and had to be reformatted before they could be used.
4. When using 2 different USB GPS dongles in all 3 USB sockets they would drop out after 2 or 3 minutes.

Yesterday, after 2 weeks I received the PC back from Dell.

The Repair Details Form reported:

* Replace system board
* Replace mousepad and keyboard

The SHIFT and CAPS LOCK keys work.

I have plugged in one of the GPSs and the PC hasn't "lost" it after several hours.

It seems that the PC is fixed.
Ken in Regina
So except for the screen and case you have a new PC. Nice!

They don't do components anymore which is ok as long as everything else on the new main board is good. Sounds like a win win! Great.

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