Is there a download for a newer map for Streets & Trips 2013?
Is there a download for a newer map for S&T 2013?
I noticed 2013 S&T has a tab to" show the current view in Bing map". but can it just use Bing map from the start?
Occasionally the street I want to use did not exist or has been changed since 2013.
I know there are no newer version of S&T, just not sure if we can update the maps.

S&T maps cannot be updated.

This "Show in Bing Maps"

...just opens a similar (but not identical) view in www.bing.com/maps, and does not take you to the selected POI (if any). That's too bad, too, because it would be great if it did that, because it would save a copy & paste step.
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What I thought, just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something. THANKS
I still run 2013 S&T on a laptop on the front seat, but also run Google Maps on my in-dash Android Auto GPS. Make a great combination.

Google should buy the licensing to S&T, but that would be outside their business model and I doubt MS would sell it anyway.
Yes I run S&T and also use google maps on my iphone. Unfortunately you cannot save a route with waypoints on the iphone google map app.
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