TyreToTravel - Many route planners will soon stop their service
I have received the following email from TyreToTravel / MyRouteApp

Many route planners will stop, MyRoute-app will continue, now with a 30% discount!

Many route planners will discontinue!

Many current route planners that are based on Google Maps have been discontinued or will soon be discontinued. This is because from 11 June Google Maps will no longer function without the API key and an API key just costs to far much money. Tyre will keep on going, but without Google Maps, the Tyre programmer is currently working day and night to implement a different map service.

MyRoute-app will continue!

For MyRoute-app this does not pose as a problem, since right from the beginning we have had a professional and legal Google Maps API key. This in combination with the official map services of TomTom and Here (Garmin) as well as including map layers of OpenStreetMap, Michelin and Street view, makes it a pleasure to plan and share your travels with MyRoute-app.

Receive a temporary 30% discount on MyRoute-app Gold Lifetime!

We will soon be discontinuing the MyRoute-app Gold Lifetime offer and will then switch to annual subscriptions. This is to ensure that we still exist in 50 years time and will continue to innovate. To give all our loyal Tyre and MyRoute-app Basic users the opportunity to switch to MyRoute-app Gold Lifetime, we have included a enticing temporary 30% discount!

Does anyone have any more info on this and which programs / apps / websites are shutting down / changing mapping service because of this?

I suspect we will see a much greater use of OSM maps and that this will cause problems for services other than just navigation websites such as ones that use Google Maps to display the locations of their business.

It seems to me that this must be like a mini-Y2K with businesses that know about this problem, coding desperately to be ready in time and those that don't know about it will have their mapping option fail.
Thanks for posting this, I had not heard about it before. It should have a profound effect on many sites and apps. Here's one article:

"You will get the first $200 of monthly usage for free. And that should be enough to cover the majority of users who have a simple map embedded on their website as mentioned above. But, for those who use Dynamic Maps, $200 will take care of only 28,000 free page loads per month. Why the emphasis on per month? Because right now, users get 25,000 free page loads per day. Let that sink in."

I had one of my own maps available on my website using Google's API for a number of years. A few months ago I got rid of it - am just not a fan of Google and didn't want to use them on my own site. Good timing for me.... and good riddance!

Have always thought that Google is like the drug dealer that offers free samples, and this just confirms it.
It's another example of an entity making it too good to resist at first, and for a while thereafter to get people hooked, then lowering the boom on them.

I've seen vloggers who built a small business around video production, dependent upon the ad revenue, making a similar complaint about changing policies on youtube.

Important Updates

We’ve moved the effective date of our new pricing, and the $200 free monthly credit, to July 16th. We’re launching the new Maps, Routes and Places functionality on June 11th. To provide you with an additional month of lead time, our new terms and pricing won’t go into effect until July 16th. Please take advantage of this time to try the new features and familiarize yourself with how billing will work.

Starting June 11th
We will enforce the use of API keys beginning on June 11th. Keyless usage will result in a degraded experience, or an error. See the Guide for Existing Users for details.
Ken in Regina
For longer car trips I typically use my Garmin dedicated GPS because it's simple to dash mount it and very visible. The only time I use my phone is to do a quick check on a "local" destination. When I do that I typically use Google Maps or Here WeGo (Bing maps). So I don't expect to have an issue.

I might use my phone more but the display isn't bright enough to see very well outside in daylight.

The unstable cloud application offering keeps changing has not surprised me being in the IT industry. I like changes and progress, but we have to prepare for it.

Using old software like SA or S&T is part of my solution. For me, it is SA (Street Atlas) since I used it extensively from the late 90s to 2000s. It is hard to depend on a cloud system that comes and goes. Google's profit earning has kept up with wall street expectation. Charging more probably have a good effect at the bottom line.

I understand old software is not for everyone, being an IT person. It was not difficult to take advantage and set up the old software. I installed my old 2006 SA plus successfully in my Windows 10 yesterday. Getting a Bluetooth GPS to do further testing. I brought a 2011 version from eBay, but it was not a plus version. I am hoping; eventually to acquire 2015 SA.

My application is to build a dedicated PC in the RV running SA for planning and implement changes that pop up unexpectedly but quickly. With natural POI imports and customization, it seems the only way to keep up the rapid changes in retirement years exploration and adventure. Best of all, no cell network/internet is required.

Before we are starting our 2nd RV life, I am using Google Android GPS on day to day city life exclusively and will continue to do so to fill the gap of the SA system. I have downloaded the Co-pilot RV app to my phone and stored the whole US map in the 128G storage as a backup system.
Ken in Regina
I'm also a retired IT guy and find the cloud offerings frustrating. On my Android phone I have Google Maps, HERE WeGo (Bing/Microsoft), and ALK Copilot.

I'm currently on a trip at the Canadian west coast. I've discovered issues with all three.

CoPilot has the latest North America maps (2019.1) installed. Even so, they are out of date. I couldn't find a couple of addresses and one company had moved to a new location recently. Only Google found the correct new location.

HERE WeGo had the same issues with how current the maps are. It's designed to operate online as the preferred method, like Google Maps, but is hugely easier than Google Maps to download and maintain the offline maps. I made sure to download the latest Canadian maps before the trip.

Google Maps has the most up to date map data by a huge margin. I was able to find all locations I tried, including those that were problems in the other two, and showed minor roads the other two didn't have.

Google Maps is even more seriously designed to work online. It had similar problems as the other two when trying to find locations offline. And it's a major pain selecting maps to download and update.

To your comments about new "features", Google is really bad for that. Sometime in the past few weeks they've changed their routing so it will try to put your destination on your right side when you arrive. For areas with simple gridded streets it can be handy. For areas with odder street layouts it can add 5 or even 10 minutes to your trip. And I can find no way to override it.

Clearly nobody did any sort of extensive testing to see the sorts of routes it would produce in a huge number of cases. I was constantly running afoul of this.

Yes, I'm as frustrated as you about cloud apps for a bunch of reasons.

I have about $6000 of ~10 year old software for CAD and 3d modelling. Just doesn't make sense to update it since I'm retired and don't need it much. So I have one of my Macs setup to dual boot in an old operating system if I need the old stuff (which won't run on newer versions of MacOS). Just yesterday someone wanted some of my old CAD files and I sent them, but suspect he won't be able to open them in the current version of VectorWorks. But I'm not going to spend $1500 to update that program, which will just become obsolete again in a few years. So it does get frustrating.

But that's the only old software that I use, makes no sense to me not to update when the cost is reasonable. Had been using MS Office 2008 and it worked pretty well for my needs. Did a 30 page document with about 100 illustrations recently and it was very slow and crashed frequently. So I just updated to MS Office 365, which is cloud-based. Have to say, it works really well and the $60/year price seems reasonable. It also included a version for my iPad and 1TB of cloud storage, which works really well with my keyboard case.

Use whatever works well for you. But I just have to laugh when I read about all the hoops some of you guys jump through - like re-installing operating systems and using virtual machines to run demo versions of ancient software. Makes no sense to me. But driving a big RV around the country also makes no sense to me, that would be like punishment. As long as you're happy, it's all good though.
Different strokes for different folk. That is so true and great for many choices, a forum to figure out what that may be to serve our life even after retirement.

IT people like me enjoy complication, solved challenging corporation network and application with 200 servers scatter in the world was my work. The cloud change that scheme, now the 200 servers living inside MS Azure Cloud. The rental software is the newer theme. Corporation loves it for easy budget and just in time capacity. For an individual, not so in my opinion.

I think a 65 foot RV is about as complex it can be in the RV world. So a complex navigation system to match. The SA plus can overlay and draw the road landscape in one system and that ability is unique. Overlay from POI Factory type provides tremendous value for "look ahead" navigation. But the Cloud kills that SA and S&T software model.

Eventual total Cloud base Office 365 is a good deal, but a one time license is better for people like me. I don't write much. $65 x 2 is about a single license cost. I don't think I upgrade my word processor any time soon in the next 5 years. In that area, I use Google Doc/Sheet to cloud share with family. Microsoft corporate cloud is the defacto choice for corporations. I owned MSFT for that reason.
Boy do I have a problem. I haven't been visiting this site for several years because my wife and I have been traveling. We just returned from a 12000 mile trip all planned at home with Tyre (about 50 itineraries of 40 or more destinations each) and loaded on my TomTom with a simple cut and paste. I have no clue how to plan the next trip. Can anyone help? I have started reading the posts to this thread and a few other threads, but thought I would ask for help while I am reviewing what has been going on the your world. Thanks in advance for your help. About