Help me spend AUD70 on Android satnav apps
I have AUD70 (USD53) in Google Rewards Credits (GRC) some of which are about to expire because they only last for 12 months. If you aren't already signed up for this I recommend it as an easy way to get money to spend on the Google Play Store.

I have previously used GRC to buy the full version of Sygic Travel.

I recommend this website/app because you can go to the web site and plan a trip - for free.

When you view a city it displays photo icons of the attractions. You can click on them and it gives brief details. If you wish to, you can add the sight to your itinerary.

It automatically generates a walking route to the sights. It usually calculates the optimum route regardless of the order you add the sights in but occasionally it gets it wrong but you can reorder the sights. You can also add your hotel and waypoints to force the route to go where you want it to go, eg to follow the Tiber River in Rome on our recent trip.

You can print out the route and optionally the info on the selected sights to paper or PDF.

If you have paid for the app on your phone you can transfer the route to it for use when walking around. It doesn't give directions. You have to do old school navigation, but this is easy because you always know where you are on the map because of the GPS. All you have to do is work out whether to turn left or right.

There is also a Sygic Maps app that is a full blown satnav program. Recently they merged the functionality of Travel into Maps in some way that I haven't researched. Maybe it gives directions for a planned walking itinerary though I have never found an app that does offline walking directions; only offline driving directions - any suggestions?

I was foolishly hopeful that because I had paid for Travel I would get the new Maps app for free. No. They offered me a large discount on the satnav app. However, when I went to pay for it I found that they don't accept money via the Play Store. You can only pay by credit card. I'm not that interested to pay real money.

This was really surprising because I had paid for the Travel app with GRC and I thought that if your app was on Play Store people had to pay via it so Google can get their 30% cut.

I have electronic money burning an electronic hole in my electronic pocket.

Can someone recommend how I can spend my GRC?

I'm not into buying books, movies, games or music. I have Wikicamps AU and USA. EU is a possibility.

I thought that buying a "good" satnav program was one option. We travel a lot in AU, EU and USA/CAN. We are hoping to go to NZ and possibly South America this year so something that works in these places would be best.

You can tell a real bargain hunter when they won't even spend free money unless it's a good deal. Please find me something to spend my GRC on as long as it's a good deal. It doesn't have to be a satnav app. It can be anything that you think it is worthwhile having the full version of.
TomTom is worth a try. Includes maps for the whole world that you can permanently install on the device. And it's free to use for a certain amount of miles each month as a trial. Have not played with it recently, but it's pretty cheap to get the full version, something like $25/year (subscription based). See this thread:

HERE has an app that is also popular:

My main interest is using specialized maps that I make myself and I'm not really interested in routing. There are many good apps for this, most have free trials and are very inexpensive to purchase the full versions. Have used the following apps for this. But my main criterion is that the app must support import of my maps. There are many, many others if you don't need this ability.

Locus Maps
Backcountry Navigator

Here's a sample of apps that are compatible with my maps on different platforms. About