Using BU-353S4 with Google Maps in Chrome Does Not Work
I have installed the the driver for the gps device from the web site because I don't have a cd rom drive on my laptop.

I ran GPSComplete and installed the Sensor Driver.
I did not install the GPSReverse because I don't think I need that. I also did not run the transfer tool because I'm not sure how to use that if it were to help.

It works with Windows 10 Maps application great! But... It does not work with Bing maps on the web.

I need it to work with Chrome. Specifically Google Maps in Chrome.

Ken in Regina
I think you need to kill the sensor redirection. I'm pretty sure if Chrome is going to see it it has to be on a COM port. That will happen just fine if GPSComplete isn't there to grab the COM port and redirect it to the sensor.

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