CoPilot is retiring a few applications...
I just ran across this:

"CoPilot is retiring a few applications currently offered in the Apple’s App Store...
...Effective May 2018, selected CoPilot navigation apps will no longer be available on Apple’s App Store for new purchases, no longer receive updates of any kind, and are no longer eligible for support.


I wonder if there may be others, aside from just those in Apple's app store?

It looks like the Windows versions are gone, too.
I'm not sure about that because of the way the "CoPilot Store" is disorganized.
I think this is where the Windows "laptop" versions *used to be* listed.
Now, it just lists the Windows "mobile" (phone) version (and what a popular mobile platform that is, huh? ).

OK, now I found the link to where
CoPilot for Windows *was* available for $19.99 in an older post on here:
which now leads to "Page can not be found."

So I guess CoPilot for Windows laptop (apparently, including the Truck variant) is dead.
Here's an availability chart.

Can't say I'm surprised.

Ken in Regina
In the Google Play Store all the Copilot variants for car, truck, and different parts of the world are still listed at the moment.

Mine still gets map updates.

Here's an availability chart.

Actually, they have a mistake in this chart... the third (blue) one is actually CoPilot RV, not Truck.

The Windows (laptop) versions are no longer available.

Evidently the changes to the Apple versions is more of a consolidation, as shown here.

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Looking at the iOS app store, I see 27 different versions of CoPilot. Doesn't seem like they have "retired" very much.
Supposedly the change was effective May 2018.
Maybe they're as behind schedule on discontinuing as they are on introducing new versions?

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