FREE maps(or cheap)!!
FREE maps(or cheap)!! for Recently gifted GARMIN gpsmap60csx.
Anyone any ideas.Been absent for toooo long.
Don't use it ,lose it syndrome!!!
GPSFileDepot is arguably the top site:


Also OpenStreetMap:


I also have my own site:


I also have a GPSMap 60csx, although I don't really use it anymore. It was a great device in its day (2006) and the receiver still holds its own pretty well. It's fun for me to play with for nostalgic reasons, but I'd consider it an "antique" by today's standards. Screen is very low resolution and only supports 256 colors. Can only accept about 2000 map segments, so that limits the size of maps you can load (this limit is unrelated to the map size in MB). Can't use raster imagery (such as aerial photos or scanned USGS Topo maps).

Anyway congratulations on the gift, that's great. I'm sure you'll have fun with it, just don't expect too much. I wouldn't purchase any downloadable maps from Garmin.com because they're all copy protected and will not work on another GPS if you decide to upgrade. But you will find plenty of free maps at the sites above.

BTW - DO NOT use the current version of Basecamp/MapInstall. It is broken and cannot send maps to your gps. Older versions should work properly however. But I'd suggest using Mapsource, Garmin's older (discontinued) software with your 60csx. That is the software the 60csx was designed to work with.

More info on the Basecamp/MapInstall problem here:

Ken in Regina
I just downloaded the latest Canada maps from Open Map Chest (suggested above by Boyd). They are excellent quality. I just finished a 5 day motorcycle trip out to Kenora, Ontario, with some exploring in the secondary roads around the area. In some spots that I had great coverage of the roads and teeny villages a riding friend had zero coverage in a recent version of Garmin's City Navigator North America.

They also have excellent POI coverage (hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc).

I've been using them for over a year now and have been quite pleased. They are free, although a donation is certainly appreciated. Also, a donation will get you the ability to download directly from the site. Otherwise the file is sent via BitTorrent, so you'll need to install a Torrent client. Not a huge deal but I figured the maps are good enough that a small donation for the privilege of direct downloads was way worth it.

If you go for them, don't select the SD Card version. You want the Basecamp/Mapsource installer version. The full SD card map won't fit on your 60csx so you need to be able to select just the map segments you need.

Also as Boyd said, don't waste any time with Basecamp. Mapsource can load the map segments you want directly into the 60csx. Basecamp can't.

Originally Posted by Ken in Regina
You want the Basecamp/Mapsource installer version. The full SD card map won't fit on your 60csx so you need to be able to select just the map segments you need.
And this is where the map segment limit comes into play. Use the Map tool to select the portion of the map that you want in Mapsource. Now look at the bottom of the left pane that lists all the individual map tiles. Make sure that number is less than 2000 (actually, IIRC, the exact number is 2025). If you try to install more segments than this, strange things will happen.
Ken in Regina
Oops, damn! I misspoke above. Open Map Chest was not one of the sites suggested by Boyd above.

It's at https://www.openmapchest.org/

I need to remember that it is not the same as Open Street Maps. I've used the Open Street Maps and the GPS File Depot maps and I have found the coverage is generally better in Open Map Chest for my part of the world (Canada and occasionally the northern part of the US).

One feature of the Open Map Chest maps I like, and found quite useful earlier this week, is that they have almost topo-like coverage in the areas outside the cities. Marking of forested areas, great water body coverage, etc. They don't clutter things up with elevation lines and such, but you do get a really good idea of what's around you, or what to expect in the areas you're headed into when outside the populated centres.

Thankyou kindly sirs.
And so prompt!!!
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