Computer and Garmin Express don't see Nuvi 2597LMT
Ken in Regina
I tried to add my Nuvi 2597 to Garmin Express on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4. No success.

First indication that there's a problem is that the computer doesn't recognize that the Nuvi is connected. It doesn't show up in File Explorer when connected. I checked and it has been set to use USB mode when connected (versus MTP mode).

Next indication is that Garmin Express can't find it.

Next indication of a problem is that the Nuvi keeps displaying - after a few minutes of connection - that the current cable doesn't allow the unit to charge and I should change cables.

This last indication was the final piece of the puzzle. I had already connected and updated my Garmin G6 golf GPS and my Montana 600. I used the same cable for both of them successfully.

I tried 3 more cables, all with the same results.

Out of curiousity I connected my old Nuvi 765 using the last of the four cables I tried. The Surface Pro 4 recognized it immediately and so did Garmin Express. Express is now cheerfully updating the maps on it.

The problem turns out to be that the USB port on the Surface Pro 4 does not put out enough voltage to charge the Nuvi 2597. For some reason the 2597 will not allow a data-only connection if it doesn't get the necessary voltage.

I took one of the cables and the 2597 to the tower in my office and connected it there. The computer (File Explorer) recognized it immediately and so did Express. So it's happily updating as I type this.

Apparently the desktop system puts out enough voltage to make the 2597 happy, even though it's plugged into a 15ft USB extension cable that goes back under the desk to reach the USB port.

Now you know.

That seems strange. It wouldn't be a voltage issue though as all USB ports put out 5 volts. I thought the standard USB post was limited to .5 amps but that could be old news. Still, the 2597is old enough that it should charge even if slowly on a standard USB port.

IMO, the message about the cable not being able to charge is bogus. My DriveSmart 61 (a current model) gives this error when connected to my desktop PC, but the cable still works just fine. This topic has been discussed over at GPSReview.net and others get the same message but have confirmed the device actually charges if left overnight.
Ken in Regina
Yes, I failed to mention that I checked the battery status screen in the 2597 and regardless of the error message it was definitely charging.

However, it was equally clear that whatever was causing it to pop the error message was also preventing it from asserting the necessary signaling to connect to the SP4. When I used one of those same cables to connect the 2597 to the office tower it worked perfectly. File Explorer and Garmin Express both saw it and I was able to do a software update and map update.

As far as age, that should have no effect. Just before I tried the 2597 I tried my 765 which is much older and it did a full map update on the SP4 with no trouble.

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