Any PNDs still available with audio output (3.5mm or BT)?
I have a older family member who was finally persuaded to use Google maps since it's already on her phone, but got fed up with the navigation not working just when she needed it most because the data connection was lost. I know I saved the largest possible area locally on her phone, and I offered to update it, she told me forget it, too much trouble. So now she has gone back to printing out pages of directions. Previously, I installed Here on her tablet but she had a bad experience with that too (because of Here's default setting to use unpaved roads).

Long story short, I wonder if she might be better off with a PND, because it is more likely to work when she needs it to work.

But the one thing she liked about Google Nav was being able to hear the directions loud and clear over her car's speakers.

But I don't know if there are ANY available now that have ANY kind of audio out (3.5mm jack or via bluetooth). AFAIK, the bluetooth functionality in most (if not all) PNDs is only for hands-free phone calling.

I didn't want to spend a lot of time looking for something that may not exist (and specs don't usually list the features that a unit does not have), so I wonder if anybody on here knows off the top of their head?

Hey Boyd... do you have any idea?
I believe the Garmin Zumo series has the right kind of bluetooth (A2DP I think?) so it can be used with motorcycle helmets. They are massively over-priced.

This topic comes up from time to time at GPSReview. Garmin made devices with audio output jacks for a short period of time, I have an old Nuvi 5000 with this feature.


The Nuvi 8x0 series was basically the same, but with a smaller screen and voice command feature. I *think* it also has audio output.


The Nuvi 8x5 was an update to the 8x0 series, not sure if it has the feature


These devices are all Garmin oddities as they are Linux-based. They're old and slow by today's standards and you would need to get new maps. The screen on my Nuvi 5000 was never as bright as I would have liked, and it's also an unusual model because there is no internal battery. So it has to do a cold boot everytime you shut off the car, which seems to take forever. It was their first automotive device with a 5" screen though.

Now lots of the older nuvi's have FM transmitters so you can hear the prompts on your radio This is a real pain unless you are out in the middle of nowhere. There just aren't enough blank spots on the FM dial. I tried this for awhile, and it was fine out in the country where I live. But I had to tune it to different stations 4 or 5 times on my commute to work, and when I got close to Philadelphia... forget it.

The Garmin Montana has audio output, but it's expensive and you'd need to purchase separate maps and a mount. Also a very advanced device that would probably be confusing.
Honestly, I haven't checked the landscape for this recently. I don't like a GPS to "talk" to me. It should be seen and not heard - mine are always permanently muted. So it's possible that you can do this with a newer Garmin, but I've never read about any with that capability aside from the Zumo series. The question comes up from time to time for motorcycle riders who want a cheaper alternative, and I haven't seen a solution.
I own an older dodge diesel and the last place I want the GPS commentary to come from is the stereo. I can hear the GPS just fine while often I can't hear the stereo!

Plus there would have to be some way for the GPS to stop the stereo signal when it wished to make an announcement. I remember that many Win programs couldn't do that even with an internal source (S&T was the exception at the time).

This is odd... what happened to GoneNomad's response to my post?
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This is odd... what happened to GoneNomad's response to my post?
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