Web Site Permissions
Ken in Regina
Ever wonder what sort of access various web site have to your computer?

... Did you even know that a web site actually can have, and likely does have, direct access to your computer?

A web site can do much more than create a fancy display on the screen. It can grant itself all sorts of permissions to access your computer. I'm not going to go into a tutorial here about what/why/when. For those who are interested in what any given site is accessing here's how you can check on the Chrome web browser. I expect other browsers have similar mechanisms available.

In Chrome immediately to the left of the URL there is another box that usually says "Secure" or "Not Secure". Those words will have a little icon immediately before them; usually a red triangle or a lower case "i" in a circle.

If you click on that icon you'll get a drop-down with a bit of high level info in it.

If you click on Site Settings at the bottom of that drop-down menu you'll get a new page opened with all relevant site permissions and their current setting listed. You'll also have the ability to change them.

Some of those settings can be controlled on a browser-wide basis if you hunt through Chrome's Settings.


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