Windows 10 "Updates"
Ken in Regina
Anyone who tries to keep their Windows 10 installation reasonably current knows there are three sorts of updates: minor fixes/patches and security updates, regular (monthly) fairly large updates that roll up the small stuff and sometimes introduce a bit of new stuff (connect your Android phone anyone?), and the biggies that come out a couple of times a year.

These last ones often introduce new functionality, sometimes significant. And, not infrequently, break things.

Anyone paying attention will already know that the big October update (Build 1809) was pulled almost immediately after it was released and delayed by over a month. It's released into the wild again. And, again, it appears to be breaking things...

Interesting. I am running the original 1809 on most of my computers except this one. I guess I haven't tried to do any of the things that were/ are broken.

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