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Apple added a File Manager app last year in iOS 11. It's really very primitive compared to the Finder on the Mac and for the most part just frustrates me. But at least it's a start that will hopefully be expanded in the future. I think they have to, since they're pitching the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement.


I wrote detailed tutorials for installing/using my maps on Android and iOS. Finding the right place to store the files has got to be very intimidating to many users on Android, where you see so many folders with odd names. For iOS, you just open iTunes (on the Mac or Windows), select the app you want and drag the file to it. A lot easier to understand (and explain). Although using a program called "iTunes" for this seems like a kludge that is getting old.

Honestly, I get more and more annoyed by touch-based operating systems as time passes. I just hate the idea of having to swipe "just the right way" to accomplish something. I got a keyboard case for my iPad that makes it look like a little laptop. It's great to be able to type on a physical keyboard, but other things - especially editing text - just drives me crazy. I have an Apple Pencil, which helps a bit, but it's still very awkward. I think they will need to add mouse support before many people take iOS seriously as a laptop replacement.
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...we were discussing cables that look the same but are actually different. Nobody would confuse an old iPhone and new iPhone cable, they look completely different. But they all provide the same functions - both charging and data transfer, so you don't need any "testers" to find the right kind for your application.
True. But at least an old microUSM cable will charge any newer phone that has microUSB (although USB-C is a new monkey wrench).

There's a tradeoff with adding features to newer iterations of cable that are outwardly identical. It would have helped greatly when newer functionality was added to the microUSB standard if there was also a universally accepted standard of identifying them (e.g.: USB 3 blue-colored insert & "SS" markings).

Personally, I would appreciate if the Nokia stadard (3.5mm coax a.k.a. "barrel" power connector) had been adopted for phones & tablets, because they are a lot easier to plug & unplug than *any* data-capable connector. But that would mean having an additional port, a cross too heavy to bear in the smaller/thinner quest, evidently.

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A...I get more and more annoyed by touch-based operating systems as time passes. I just hate the idea of having to swipe "just the right way" to accomplish something...
You got that right.
Android supports a mouse, but all things considered, it's mainly supported well enough to be annoying.
Apple is dreaming if they think most creative professionals are going to use an iOS device for anything other than a stopgap for when maximum portability is the primary need, because most of them do most of their work on very large monitors, which make it easier to seen fine details than any handheld device, no matter what res. it has.
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