The GPS Week Number Rollover problem
Ken in Regina
Thanks Andrew. Have you pursued this at all? Tracked down a relevant simulator? Do you think there are any sites out there developing lists of Garmin models that may be affected?

I'm not trying to be lazy but there's no point in my duplicating efforts that someone else may have already made.

We're still in Italy so I haven't got a chance to do anything at night but process photos, write journal and book future accommodation.

We're in Pescara on the east coast just north of Rome.

We had 4 fantastic weeks in Sicily with only 2 days rain and temperatures of about 15C. We've been driving up the east coast for a week with only 1 day of rain but as I write this I'm watching Meteo on TV and it looks like we're having rain from here on.

We leave from Milano on 27 January.
Ken in Regina
Sounds like a great trip so far. I hope you don't get enough rain to spoil things.

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