Can Garmin 64s connect to ArcMap?
I want to connect my Garmin 64s (USB) to ArcMap on my Windows 10 laptop. There is a software GPS gate splitter that can emulate USB to serial port. I tried but no success.

One issue when I first plugged in my gps was it immediately stopped receiving signals and swithched to data transfer mode. ArcMap only receives data via serial port. How possibly I can connect my Garmin 64s to ArcMap? Or any GPS receivers can be compatible with ArcMap? Thanks.
Setup>System>Interface. Choosing Garmin Spanner or NMEA in/Out should allow you to provide GPS information to the 64s USB connector. GPS Gate Splitter should see that and provide data to a COM port for your software.

EDIT Reading that more carefully, it is possible the Spanner setting will create a COM port with no need for GPS Gate. Always assuming the driver works with Win 10 of course.

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