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I decided to start a new thread re: copilot since it is specific to using the most current version on my tablet. I am still entering all of the addresses that Yvonne has researched and determined them to be sufficiently interesting (anything on the National Historic Register or built by one or more of the founding families of specific towns). To keep the map as uncluttered as possible and the list of stops manageable I am breaking the entire trip into many legs and saved them as individual trips.

Some observations/questions. Occasionally I want to close either Copilot or the entire tablet after completing some stops of a leg. Sometimes when I restart Copilot the leg has been cleared and sometimes it is still loaded. Is this inconsistency normal? To anticipate that I have decided that before closing I save the loaded trip with a temporary name. As I made that decision I also would like to recommend Copilot introduce an option under the save command to overwrite the old saved map under the original name.

The second observation is probably already known by regular users of Copilot. When I need to add a stop on a saved trip if I enter it from the map view I use the command "route through here", then go to the plan view and drag it to the appropriate order and change the designation from waypoint to stop. This seems more efficient than originally entering it as a stop and then dragging. The waypoint seems to be located closer to the intended order that an added stop.
Great! I cannot get copilot to open anymore. Have tried an uninstall, install with no better luck. Already have in-put over 20 trips which are stored on an external flash, but they will not do me any good if I have to switch to another app. Am in the market for suggestions of an alternative app. Must have mulit-stop trip capability.

Thanks, Ron
Doesn't CoPilot have some kind of tech support for their app?
Originally Posted by Boyd
Doesn't CoPilot have some kind of tech support for their app?
Yes, their support uses a ticket system and is actually fairly responsive when it isn't 5 o'clock on a holiday weekend.

The link is here: https://support.copilotgps.com/en/support/tickets/new
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