Streets and Trips-can't open 2011
I have version 2009 installed on Windows 7, it works fine. I kept that version while I installed a 2011 version from new disc. I do not have the 2009 disc anymore. when I try to open the 2011, I get "registry settings not copied correctly", and it won't open. I have turned off the User Account Control and disabled anti-virous. Still same thing. Help?
The-eye.eu used to have free copies to download, but I do not know what happened to that site. Maybe somebody else here could let us know where to go?
Seems to be in the same place you listed previously.


I am actually looking for a free copy of Office 365 for my girl's iPad. I have Enterprise for Windows, but don't know anything about Apple.
The iPad is locked down tightly and you can only install software from the App Store. But if you already have a subscription that allows you to share, then you should be able to go to your account at Microsoft and add an additional user. IIRC, there are a couple different options for doing this, last time I did this, I picked the option to send an e-mail to the new users (I have Office 365 home, which allows me to share the account with 5 other users).

She should be able to download the Office 365 app directly on her iPad then (I believe this is free) and then log in with the account info in the e-mail. Now, I have not used the newest version of Office for iOS yet, I still have Word and Excel installed on my iPad, but I understand the new version merges everything into a single app.

I assume this is what you're asking, and that you already have an Office 365 subscription (is that what Enterprise is? Not familiar with that). OTOH, if you're trying to steal a copy of Office, I can't help with that.
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