Nat. Geographic v 4.5.0 not compatible w/Win 10
I've been using the set of cds called National Geographic Topo! v 4.5.0
There's no other mapping software i've found that has such nice clear maps. Lately it keeps shutting down when I'm working on a map. My system is Windows 10. It worked last year but not now. Is there a fix? Or maybe someone knows of another mapping software that is as nice?
ESRI bought the National Geographic topo maps and has been offering them online for a number of years. They are used as the topo map on this site, for example: also here:

You can directly access these yourself and even export them for use on just about any smartphone or GPS using a free program called Mobile Atlas Creator. See my site here:

Appendix A on the last page of my tutorial has instructions for setting this up:

BUT... there's a catch. ESRI has announced they are discontinuing these maps. They haven't been very clear on when that will happen, but it might be as soon as the end of this month. So, if you're interested, get 'em while they last! About