Microsoft Surface X Announced
Ken in Regina
The bulk of the discussions on this site are focused around "laptops" - more specifically, the things most often being discussed are portable computing devices that run Windows, the navigation apps that run on them, the GPS hardware that is either built into them or gets plugged into them, how to get it all to work together, and how to do certain things with them once it's all working.

Microsoft just announced a new hardware product that could make that all easier, more like a phone than a traditional Windows "laptop": the Surface Pro X.

Anyone familiar with the Surface Pro products will be familiar with the physical form factor of the X; it's the same. It's the internals and the version of Windows that are different ... very different. It's built around ARM technology; in other words, a variation of the same technology that probably powers your phone.

What that means to us is that the technology that powers GPS features is integrated right into the basic hardware. Pretty much like your phone. That also means that Windows will automatically "know" how to find and use the GPS functionality, which means it will be easier for developers to hook their navigation apps to the incoming GPS data.

Ultimately it should be as easy for us to use the GPS features of a Windows 2-in-1 (tablet/laptop) as it is to use them on our phones.

There is an important question about this new Surface model that we'll have to wait for some hands-on reviews to find the answer to: Is this version of Qualcomm (ARM) chips powerful enough to provide a decent Windows experience? And what, if anything, will we sacrifice to the fact that the initial version of Windows that runs on it only runs 32-bit applications or Windows Store apps?

Some product info:




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