CompeGPS Land / TwoNav Black Friday Sale
Got an e-mail about this... If anyone is interested, CompeGPS Land is 50% off through the weekend. I have been impressed with this software, which supports live navigation plus a long list of map formats that can be imported/exported.

I posted a thread about this software here awhile ago.

They have a fully functional 30 day free trial with no registration. And the software is designed to work with their TwoNav app for Android, iOS and Windows as well as their dedicated GPS devices. All-around, I've been impressed with this company, which is based in Spain and unknown here in the US.

Recently I've been thinking about getting one of their dedicated handheld GPS units to replace my broken Montana. These are also on sale for BF with a nice discount. There are some nice prices on older models in the outlet store on their site too - under $200.

The device I've been thinking about is the Trail2 for $309, which has more than twice the screen resolution of a Garmin Montana in a smaller package at a street price of over $100 less. I especially iike the idea of hardware pushbuttons AND a touchscreen.

To be fair... the Aventura might be more comparable to the Montana, since it adds replaceable batteries and a memory card slot that the Trail2 doesn't have. It is still cheaper than a Montana though. About