Question about Garmin 10 for Smartphones
Hello everyone,

This is my first post so apologies if this is a stupid question. I recently purchased the Garmin 10 for use with my laptop but when I received it I noticed I had purchased the Garmin Mobile 10 for use with Smartphones by mistake. I have a couple of questions:

(1) Will this GPS still work with my laptop?
(2) I actually don't own a car (my wife and I live in Bermuda and get around by scooter) and the Mobile 10 only comes with a car charger for the GPS so I haven't been able to charge it to see if it works with my laptop. Does anybody know if this can charge with some other USB charger (like the one I use for my BlackBerry)?

1. If that is a Bluetooth GPS 10x, it will certainly work with your laptop.....if your laptop has Bluetooth. The program will probably provide maps (can't say if Bermuda is included) and nRoute for your laptop.

2. If that is a GPS 10x, a standard mini USB to USB cable can connect it to a USB port on your computer. This will charge the GPS internal battery. If the plug for your Blackberry fits the mini USB port on the GPS, it will charge it.

Exactly what will you be using the GPS for? Must be difficult holding your laptop while riding your scooter.

Thanks for your response. I bought the GPS primarily for when we travel to North America. I recently bought an ultraportable that I feel is small enough to comfortably have in a rental car and that buying the GPS and software would be cheaper than the $10 a day it costs to rent a GPS from the company.

In a few weeks we're heading to Nova Scotia and will be doing a lot of driving so I wanted to make sure it was working before we head off for that trip. Based on a review on this site I've purchased the iNav software which just arrived yesterday so I'm hoping to get everything up and running this weekend.

Certainly wouldn't be surprised if the software doesn't have maps for Bermuda - we're only 20 miles long and never more than a mile wide!

Thanks again for your reply!
Ken in Regina
Is there any chance you can go back and tell them you need Mobile PC instead of what you bought? Mobile PC is very similar to the Mobile 10 software but runs on PCs. The version that comes with a GPS receiver has, I think, the same receiver you just bought.

Alternatively you might be able to buy the software-only version of Mobile PC and use it with the receiver you got with Mobile 10 for Smartphones. Mobile PC comes with Gamin's City Navigator North America 2009 maps. They have pretty good coverage of Canada. Coverage in the cities is excellent.

If you want more information there is a complete section on this forum for the Garmin stuff. There has been a lot of recent discussion on the Mobile PC product. That section is located here.

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