Garmin Mobile PC with Vista 64 bit
Hi all.

I just join this group. Lots of info here. I have a quick question. I installed Garmin Mobile PC on my Vista machine. The problem I have is it is crashing all the time. Is there a fix for this. I will be installing it in a lap top soon. If this keeps up I don't know if it is worth it Thanks for your time.
Marvin Hlavac

Hi BugsyChow,

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I don't have an answer for you, but since no one responded in over a day, I thought I would at lease say hi.

Garmin Mobile PC is a very new product, and we haven't yet had anyone reporting crashes. Some people here at the forum do run it on 64 bit processors, but I'm not sure if some people actually run it on a 64 bit operating system. Anyone???

Garmin website doesn't say anything specific about this - in fact I haven't yet been able to locate system requirements at garmin.com(!).
For what it's worth, GMPC is the first GPS nav program that has never crashed on me and I have used about 5.

I'm running XP pro sp3 x86.

I just wish GMPC would get along with others better
Thank you for responding. I plan to get a laptop in a month or so. Is there any problems running this under Vista 32 bit that is know as of now?
Ken in Regina
I'm running it on my laptop under Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I have not had any troubles with it. I have the software-only version and I'm using it with the GPS receiver that came with Streets & Trips 2008.

Marvin Hlavac
The same story here: no issues what so ever running Garmin Mobile PC on Microsoft Vista (32 bit) operating system. I've used the Garmin software on two different Vista computers - one with 32 bit CPU and one with 64 bit CPU (32 bit OS). It works just fine .
Thank you for all the info. My lap top will probally have the 32 bit version of vista
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