Mileage tracking / GPS track logging software
Hey everybody...

i am planning a road trip through the USA in August 08... I have already Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with GPS Locator. Now I am looking for some Software that can save my track, says me when i have been where, and says how many miles i have been driving, because i want to know after my jouney or every day how many miles i have been effective driving (not just what the route planner says). I know Streets & Trips has the feature "create gps trail", but this tool is very rudimentary and not what i am looking for.
Does anyone of you know about a program, add-on/plugin for S&T or something else that is able to creates a gps track log and/or has mileage tracking? I was searching the web for hours and did not find anything.
I hope someone of you knows a solution.

Thanks for your answers

Marvin Hlavac
TTheX, hopefully someone else, who actually uses this feature, will give you better feedback. I don't use this feature as I don't have need for it. But you mentioned Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 - a not very well known feature is that you can actually right-click the created GPS trail, and one of the menu items that opens up will allow you to get the length of the trail. About