TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 on a Laptop PC
Does anyone have any comments on the Bundle PC version Tom Tom Navigator 6 USA/Canada with i.Trek M7 BT GPS (51Ch, 1-5Hz) Semsons has bundle for $ 134.99. Just wanted to know if any members of Laptop GPS World has had any experience using TOMTOM NAV 6, Just wanted to know some pros and cons on this unit. After further reading I don't think TOMTOM has a Laptop version is that true or not.
Marvin Hlavac
You are correct, there has never been a laptop PC version of TomTom. In the past some people managed to run TomTom inside a PPC emulator, but even that is losing its attractiveness now as TomTom apparently went out of the PPC market. The version 6 was the last version of TomTom (old maps now), and people say there will no longer be another version of that product for Pocket PC PDAs.

The GPS receiver i.Trek M7 is a good one, though, and you could use it with other laptop GPS software.
Thanks for your help Marvin, Jeff About