Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008: How to Hide Stops?
May be I have a stupid question related the route pointers (yellow, green and red boxes with route point numbers) - see the picture:

How can I hide these route pointers? Is it possible at all?

The problem is I have a big route with about 50 points and yellow boxes on the map occupy too much space and overlap roads I need.

I have digged all the forum, watched tips ... and unfortunately get no result
Marvin Hlavac
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This is actually a very good question. Many times people set 'Stops' in Microsoft Streets and Trips only to modify the route, but with no intention to actually stop at that location. In such scenario the yellow 'Stop' icon is useless, and it would actually be preferable if it wasn't there at all.

There is no feature that would hide the Start/Stop/End icons.

You could try to contact Microsoft to tell them how this inconveniences you.
If you're not going to stop there, click on the red car icon to open the Route Planner & just delete it there.
If you find that after deleting a few routing points the route no longer takes you along your desired route just add a few 'avoid areas' where the route leaks out onto an unwanted road.

Read more about AA's here: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/3820-how-force-streets-trips-follow-scenic-routes-i-e-blue-r...ge-parkway#post30568
I agree with Marvin's suggestion about hiding these red/green/yellow route markers. It would be nice to hide/unhide the danged things without deleting them from your route plan.
Marvin Hlavac
Yeah, now that Streets and Trips can hide/show pushpins, and hide/show information balloons, it would be such a welcome feature improvement for many users if Streets and Trips 2012 could hide/show the red/green/yellow route markers.
Ahhh... you just have to know the secret:

(wave the wand)

OK, my wife told me to stop waving my wand around; how do you do this?
Originally Posted by SpadesFlush
OK, my wife told me to stop waving my wand around; how do you do this?

When you click-drag the map, while the map is actually moving the route and map remain visible but the stops and all the map text are temporarily hidden.

So if you click-drag and move the map around continuously in little circles, keeping it centered so the part of the map you want to display remains in the window, then simultaneously press Alt-PrintScreen, your clipboard will hold a snapshot of your route and map without the text and stops. The instant you stop moving the stops re-appear, so you have to have your timing down.

You then paste the snapshot into an image editing app and do what you will with it.

Cludgey, but useful if you want to print or display a snapshot of your route on a blog or whatever without all the noise. It would be much nicer the user interface allowed us to control whether stops display or not... which would leave the map text visible, but whaddya gonna do.
Ingenious, yes, but not really a solution. I'd be happy if we could just make those markers very small so they didn't occupy so much room--I think they should size themselves based on the scale of the map if they can't be hidden. One can always find any of them by clicking on the entry in the Route Planner. I have a route of an 85-day 11750-mile auto trip that covers most of the eastern half of the US and Canada up into Labrador. There are more than 100 of those route points (most of which were real stops) and when the scale of the map is set to display the entire route, most of it is hidden behind those d$%# route points.

I want to be able to see the written material on the maps, so the trick to hide the markers is not a solution for me.
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