Microsoft Streets and Trips alternative GPS software?
Hi guys!

I am a new member of laptop gps world and I look forward to participating in this community.

I have a question...

I have Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 with GPS.

It is possible to install an alternative software on my laptop that will work with my GPS (The SiRFstar III) ? Or, am I stuck using Streets and Trips 2007?

It is not that I am unsatisfied with Streets and Trips. I really like this program. It's just that I'm the kind of person to always be willing to try something new even if it not necassary. My belief in this has enabled me to amass a good amount of knowledge on different things that I then use to help people.

Anyway, thanks for your time.

Marvin Hlavac

Hi Insanitor,

Welcome to the forum! welcome

Yes, you certainly can have more than one laptop GPS software installed on your PC. Do you plan on running the GPS programs simultaneously, or just one at a time?
Oh yes, there are lots of map programs that will work with your GPS. I personally have Streets & Trips, Fugawai Ontario Topographical, Soft Map Ontario Topographical and Oziexplorer which can be used with all kinds of downloaded and scanned software. They all work with a Garmin GPS or the GPS that came with Streets & Trips.

Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
Do you plan on running the GPS programs simultaneously, or just one at a time?
I would prefer to run one at a time.

I have seen that page with the list of programs before but I was wishing to get a gps software for free though.

Would you know any free ones that would work with my SiRFstarIII?
Marvin Hlavac
Glenn mentioned OziExplorer - there may be a downloadable free trial at their website. You could also order a trial version of iGuidance 4 only for the shipping/handling charge I think. If you like it, you then just pay for your activation code.

No problem running one program at a time. If you wanted to run 2 or more of them simultaneously, you would need to install a GPS splitter (because one GPS receiver can normally feed signal to only one software at one time).
I have tried a couple of different softwares and both of them see my GPS fine, except that they both do not display any useful information.

If I wanted to upgrade to the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008, would I need to get the "with GPS" version or can I just buy the regular version without the GPS, and should I?

See, Some people here said that the 2008 GPS is not as good as the 2007 GPS. Is this true?
Ken in Regina
I bought Microsoft Streets&Trips 2008 with the GPS because I wanted the GPS. I had read good things about it. I can't compare it to earlier models because I don't have any experience. I can tell you that the one with 2008 works well. It also works with Garmin's nroute and Mobile PC and with DeLorme's Street Atlas 2008.

If you are happy with your current GPS receiver you only need to buy the software version of S&T 2008. But you might want to wait a bit because I'm guessing 2009 shouldn't be too far away. At that time you will have a choice of either the very latest map data in 2009 or you'll be able to catch some blow-out pricing on 2008. Win-win.

Marvin Hlavac
No need to spend money on the version that includes the GPS receiver, if you have another GPS receiver, or if you wish to purchase another GPS receiver. The software-only version of Microsoft Streets and Trips is all that you need.

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009, if the past is any indication of the future, will likely release some time at the end of this summer, or at the beginning of fall.
And if we're lucky, Marvin will get his hands on the new version early, and have a contest to give it away!
All right... But I heard that the GPS unit that comes with the 2008 Streets and Trips is not as good as the one with came with the 2007 version. Is this true?
Marvin Hlavac
No, the optional USB GPS receiver that came with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 is the same iGPS-500 by Pharos that was included in the 2007 version.
I just bought myself a copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 which is now on sale at BestBuy for 30 bucks. It works fine with the GPS receiver from the 2007 version just like you said, thanks.

What is confusing me is that everybody here wants to get rid of the automatic recalculating route if you go off route. I actually really like this feature.

Maybe I'm an oddball.
Marvin Hlavac
I think most of us love the automatic re-routing feature. We just tend to talk more about features that still have room for improvement. Occasionally that may lead readers to think a product we discuss has way too many features that don't work as they should.
Okay. Features that I would like to see.

The voice. I would like it to be Crystal from AT&T natural voices, not Anna from Microsoft.

The speaking of street names is going to be nice but what I really want is for the "avoid toll roads" function to actually work properly.

P.S. Do you know how I can orient the street map to not display itself as it is being viewed from the horizon? I would like to see it as it is displayed in the 2007 version which I am used to.
I had this same problem. I've been using badger maps which lets me export my optimized routes into a gpx file. I then import it into my garmin which leads me from stop to stop. It's great.
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