Garmin Mobile PC Reactivation Problem
Richard Lewis
Let me tell you about what just happened to me this week.

I was in the car, in the middle of nowhere, depending on my GPS to get me home when the battery on my notebook computer got low and shut down the notebook. No problem, I will just plug in the car cord and restart. Did just that but the Mobile PC software started back at the very beginning and asked me for the Product Key. No problem, just entered the Product Key and away we go. Right?

Not exactly, it then had to connect to Garmin in Kansas to authenticate the Product Key. Well, that isn't going to work in the middle of nowhere. No internet connection.

What is going on here, why can't my copy of AUTHENTICATED software (done back at home) carry with it that AUTHENTICATION? You sure as heck can't contact Headquarters every time you need authentication out in the field.

One thing about GPS's, they were not designed to be used at HOME.........
99% of the time you use a GPS, you are NOT going to have an internet connection. Why would they set it up that you need to contact HQ every time. I called Garmin on this today and am awaiting a reply. The Nuvi and all other units don't have to call HQ to authenticate themselves. Call once, and carry that authentication around with you in the field is how the software should have been written. We will see what they say..

Richard,That certainly is a difficult situation. You should never have to enter the product ID after the first time as that is what triggered the call to Garmin. Most people don't even carry the product ID with them much less remember what it is.

Before you enter a new key, which I assume Garmin will provide, do a complete scan of your hard drive. I cannot see this of being anything short of a corruption of a file on your drive. Better safe than sorry

Marvin Hlavac
Richard, welcome to Laptop GPS World. Sorry to hear about the issue you've experienced. Do let us know Garmin's reply. Just like Terry, I also suspect it was just an unfortunate coincidence that some file got corrupted .
Richard Lewis
Thanks fellas and gals

When I got home I used the original Product Key and it fired right up. It did check with HQ in Kansas before it was happy, but it looks like you can re-use your original Product Key over again. Didn't have to get a new one.

Still awaiting Garmin's reply..

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