Microsoft Streets and Trips: USB GPS Baud Rate Problem
I just found this group by accident and it is great! I've been an S&T user from the first release and never had problems, until now.

I use S&T for travel and National Geographics Backroads & State Series Topo for off-road activity. GPS receiver has been an old and faithful Garmin E-map. Due to my stupidity it got wet and is now toast!

Bought a Holux 236 because it had an external antenna connection, which I need. Also liked the BlueTooth link and ability to use a USB link. The drivers (both USB and BlueTooth) emulate a serial port (Com9 on my machine). It runs @ 38,400 baud. I don't see anyway of changing it. The 236 works great with the NG software, but S&T complains that it is not a 4800 baud device. I don't see any place in S&T to change this rate. Is it "hard coded" into the software?

Is there anyway around this issue?

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Doug (aka dlbapm),

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

You have two options:

* Use Bluetooth,

* or, if you wish to use USB, use Franson GPS Gate. "GpsGate acts as an automatic baudrate converter. The virtual ports used for output simply adapt automatically to what settings the application needs." says the maker of GPS Gate.

GPS Gate has a myriad of GPS-related uses. Check out the web page. It is not free, but there is a free trial. I've personally used your Holux GPSlim 236 via USB + GPS Gate + Streets and Trips. It works :-).
Hi Marvin,

Thanks for the input. I am just learning about Bluetooth, so for the moment will stick with USB. Will look into Franson and give it a try.

Try this:

1. Right-click on 'My Computer' on desktop
2. Click 'Device Manager'
3. Expand 'Ports (COM & LPT)'
4. Look for something that refers to 'USB to Serial Comm' or similar, and right-click on it
5. Select Properties
6. Select tab 'Port Settings'

I have a BU-353 GPS puck that came with the Prolific USB to Serial driver. This is the technique I use to change the speed.

Good luck. YMMV.

Hi Rick,
Thanks for the suggestion, however, the Holux 236 does not have a serial port compatible output unless you buy their "USB-to-Serial" converter/cable. I got the GPS running with S&T via USB using GPSGate software. Also got it running via Bluetooth directly into S&T. Problem solved!

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