GPS and Flash Drive?
Hello All,

Is there such a thing as a laptop GPS that can also double as a USB flash drive?

Sorry if this is a repeat of an older post but I'm a bit of a greenhorn here.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi ted_knight,

I don't think I've come across a laptop USB GPS receiver combined with a flash drive, but it doesn't mean there isn't any on the market. It seems like an interesting idea. How would you use?
Hi Marvin,

The hypothetical gps/flash drive would be a way my company could monitor if an employee ran a software program at a particular location - the contents of the program would only be available on the flash drive. I don't imagine it would be an impossible device to make. It shouldn't be difficult to make, but there's probably not much of a demand for it.
Marvin Hlavac
There are a few USB GPS receivers that are small and plug directly (without any cable) to a USB port of a laptop PC. I remember reading about one or two of them even being able to store GPS tracks, so they did include some storage space, but I'm not sure how much space, and if it would be suitable for your purpose.
Ted, you may want to check out the Amod AGL3080 GPS Data Logger. It might come close to meeting your needs. I use this device with geotagging software for aerial photographs. It is a USB drive with a GPS that constantly writes a track log to the drive. You can imagine a number of applications other than geotagging.


How have you got on with your requirement for GPS enabled flash drives?
I wonder as I've found myself looking for exactly the same thing...
I work for Geolife Ltd... we make a sat-nav app called Navmii for which we've recently launched a PC version.

What we want is a way to supply Navmii on a flash drive that includes a GPS antenna so the software could be used on any PC/laptop/netbook etc right out of the box.

Navmii includes a LBS framwork within the app so we can build in services just like the one you mention. If you've had any luck findng a good source for these please let me know.
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