Audiovox Introduces "Anywhere" UMPC With Built-In GPS Navigation
Marvin Hlavac

* 7” Full color wide screen display

* Windows XP / Windows Vista

* Built-in GPS receiver

* Full US and Canada mapping

* 30 GB hard drive

* Built-in WiFi

* Built-in card reader

* 2 USB ports

October 2007 – Audiovox Corporation president Tom Malone calls the Anyware™ , Audiovox’s Ultra-Mobile PC, “the only Ultra Mobile PC product that gives the user GPS navigation, Bluetooth and Windows, in a package smaller than a conventional laptop.

The Anyware ™ features a 30 GB hard drive, 2 USB Ports, 2 GB SD card slots, A/V out ports, expansion IO port and a sync port cable for desktop and notebook. Additional components include a WiFi module, with mobile and home/office accessories such as vehicle mount, carrying case, AC power adapter, DC power adapter, remote control, audio/video out and I/P expansion port. MSRP $1,499.99.

Malone believes the Anyware™ will fit into the lifestyle of today’s tech-oriented family. “The Anyware not only provides GPS and Bluetooth features for navigation and hands-free communications while driving without compromising the occupant’s safety, it’s a full featured portable PC that can be taken from the house to the car to the office. What’s more it will seamlessly pick up whatever programs were started at home and need to be continued at the office.”

All Audiovox mobile products are built for the road and as such are specification-laced road testing before being released to retail and Anyware passed those tests. “Anyware™ is built for mobile application, with shock-resistant features and a rugged road-ready design. In addition to Audiovox’s normal QC and design testing, this product was road tested for 10,000 miles over 6 months to ensure the reliability and performance of all hardware and software functions. It is one tough product.”
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