How to create a route in Microsoft Pocket Streets?
I have S&T 2007 and Pocket Streets 2006. When I save a route from the desktop to the mobile ppc
it saves and shows the pushpins but not the route like on the desktop. Do any newer versions of S&T or pocket S&T do a better job of this? What is the point if you can't save your route onto pocket streets.
It doesn't even save the view! Is pocket streets a worthless program or am I not getting it to work right?
I've been to a few places on the net about pocket streets and there is very little info on it especially at


p.s. And I already know how to create and save a route in pocket streets and it stinks! I've tried several ways suggested by microsoft and they all stink. They work but they do NOT show the same highlighted route as the desktop version. They could have easily written that into the software but it seems they
Marvin Hlavac
Hi amberbamber,

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Unfortunately Microsoft Pocket Streets was never able to route from A to B. The product was a simple map viewer, and it was discontinued a couple of years ago.

For your amusement you may read Microsoft Knowledge Base article 319242, MapPoint or Streets and trips exports the map but not the route information when you try to export a route to a Pocket PC. The article suggests that you save the map as a web page, and then view it on your PPC. That might have been a practical suggestion when it was originally written (years ago ), but it is a bit funny today.
Yea, I tried the webpage thing and it totally stunk. It was worse than just saving a map. What map software is out there for the pc and mobile both so you can save your maps to your pocket pc?

Ken in Regina
DeLorme Street Atlas allows you to install a version to your handheld. It lets you save map segments to your handheld (you can save as much as you have space for). It even does navigation on the handheld if it has a GPS connected.

I've messed with it a little bit on my Garmin iQue 3600 which is a Palm-based PDA with integrated GPS. Navigation works. I don't recall what the interface was like for setting up a route on the handheld. After my experience with the excellent Garmin software on my iQue I found the DeLorme piece for the PDA to be pretty gruesome but my brother does some occasional walking-around navigation with Street Atlas on his Palm Tungsten with Bluetooth GPS receiver and he seems to like it. You might find it quite useful for your needs and Street Atlas is very affordable.

There are other options but I don't know how much money and time you want to spend and I don't know if you want to do navigation with a GPS receiver or just plan routes and have a nice map display with the route on it.

Thanks Ken.

Money is no object really yet I want to use my xv6700 Windows Mobile 5 cell phone. I have a Bluetooth GPS for it, but that not really what I'm most interested it. I would just like to route a path on my desktop and be able to view that same route on my mobile phone. With Streets and Trips I can view all the places of interest and the pushpins but not the original route. So that's really what I'm looking for.

It's sad as I really like Streets and Trips.
A popular configuration for your situation is to use S&T for planning, and iGuidance for routing and navigation.
Marvin Hlavac
...and if that's what you decide to do, then keep a very close look at our iGuidance forum here at Laptop GPS World, for a possible new version announcement any time now
Will iGuidance read S&T maps from the desktop on my mobile device?
Marvin Hlavac
No, it will not. But what a lot of users have been doing is planning in Microsoft Streets and Trips, and then just (manually) entering destinations into iGuidance.
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