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Open "Find nearby places" pane w/our performing search in Streets & Trips
Tom Bernardi
Maybe there is a way to do this, but I can't figure it out.

Sometimes when I request points of interest, and I have done some significant routing, S&T will automatically start searching when I hit the Points icon, and many times it tries to find those points along the "Entire Route". Can't we just bring the search template up and let the user confirm that the miles and search points are correct - BEFORE - the search starts! Many times I have to just get out of the program by ending it.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Tom,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

You would like the "Find Nearby Places" pane to open without automatically searching for POIs. The pane should open, users would make changes to preferences (if needed), and then they would press a (new) button to perform their search.

My guess is that some users would complain they have to then go through one additional step to search.

But I see what you are trying to avoid. the feature remembers your last used settings, and if you searched a too large area (50 mile / 80 km radius) before, now it may take too long (or forever ) to calculate.

In such scenario you may try to press the cancel button, or the escape key, and wait a while till the search is cancelled.

I'm not sure if the status quo, or your suggestion, or something in-between is better. But I do understand the issue that prompted your idea.
Tom Bernardi
Thanks for the quick reply, Marvin, and understand your point, but it doesn't seem logical to me that it just starts searching without knowing the right criteria - both in terms of "distance" and "from where".

Alternatively, A) if you could set defaults under Tools/Options for distance and from where or B) have S&T automatically default to "1 mile" and "Point" the first time you open the panel. "A" would be my preference.

Tom Bernardi
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