Video Teaches Sales Reps How To Use Microsoft Streets and Trips
Marvin Hlavac
Microsoft Streets and Trips is a hidden gem. Not too many sales people, or other mobile professionals, have ever heard of it, yet it could make their work so much easier.

"I've been using Streets and Trips as a part of my sales efforts ever since it first came out - it was a chore putting this training together – but there is no better tool out there for the sales rep to plan their sales trips and maximize their selling productivity (other than MapPoint) - and I really want to spread the word." says Keith O'Brien, the founder of My Point...Exactly, LLC.

The training consists of 14 online video clips, teaching step-by-step how a sales rep can visually manage her/his territory by using Microsoft Streets and Trips mapping software program.

Microsoft Streets and Trips can be then further used for GPS navigation, to get you to your clients.

The Microsoft Streets and Trips online training videos are not much more than 20 minutes long, and some of them are as short as approximately 5 minutes. I viewed them all in one afternoon. The access to them is not free, but registrants can come back to view them again and again. The website also offers to registered users other tips on usage of the Microsoft software.

After viewing the training videos, it is clear to me that Keith has been using Microsoft Streets and Trips for many years. He has first-hand in-depth knowledge of the software.

Good work, Keith. Nicely done. I wish you the best of luck spreading the good news about Microsoft Streets and Trips.

Find more info at Keith's website: My Point...Exactly, LLC Mapping and GPS Sales Productivity Training
Marvin Hlavac

I just noticed Keith, a.k.a. My Point...Exactly, registered as a new member here at Laptop GPS World. He uploaded several pictures to his new album titled: Microsoft Streets and Trips. Nice pictures! And :welcome: to the forum, Keith!
One thing that came to mind from viewing the pictures -- nice mounting solution.

All the same, it's silly that we have to each come up with our own mounting solutions in this day and age. I know the carmakers would rather sell us their own navigation solution for $$$, instead of having us pay merely $ for our own more-flexible and more-fully-featured add-on solutions. However, there are surely plenty of other cases in which a good mounting solution would help.

But then, the car business is inherently conservative. Took them forever to come up with the cupholder, too ... can you imagine going back to cars that didn't have cupholders now?
My Point...Exactly
Thanks Taoyue -

Traveling in sales, I'm in and out of allot of rental cars - so for me, the key is to be able to set up fast and convenient - using gear that is easily carried in my bag. I place my laptop on a 'laptop desk'. It's a rigid surface that keeps the computer up off the seat for ventilation, and allows me to plug in the GPS without a connection cable (otherwise, some seats will place pressure on the receiver, potentially harming the USB port). The laptop desk folds up and fits neatly in my computer bag.

Vehicle set up for me takes about 3 minutes - including the rental car walk-around - which I do first in case there's a problem with the car and I don't want to have to set up again.

For me - the most important feature of a rental car is the MP3 audio plug-in. That way I can plug a cable from my laptop headphone jack to the car audio-in jack and play turn by turn directions right over the car stereo system.

If I had a permanent setup - I'd probably look at
I see RAM is well known on this board. I'm familiar with them from the trucking industry. I used to sell onboard computers to truck fleets. Ram mounts are very durable - and they have a configuration for just about everything.
I just made a quick but good look appreciating the neat layout of "My Point ..Exactly's" album and you are well organized too... on that!

I particularly like the Microsoft GPS receiver and that of the power inverter plugged into the Aux point.

Could you quote or disclose their source and price either in a PM or share with us the details here, much appreciated for my part.

Cheers to you and all...
My Point...Exactly
Hi CruiserC5 -

The equipment I use:

* GPS:
Standard Pharos GPS branded for Microsoft that comes in the Microsoft Streets and Trips box. There's a 'Blue Tooth' adapter for this device. But I've never had a need - getting great reception with the unit plugged directly into the laptop on the seat.

* Laptop Desk:
LapWorks. Provides a firm footing under laptop. Is designed to make it more comfortable when sitting and typing on your ‘Lap’ top (typically, I’m using it at the airport). This is a good piece of gear. Check it out at www.laptopdesk.net Tell them ‘The Mobile Pro’ sent you!

* Tie Wraps:
Radio Shack - http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102879&cp=&sr=1&origkw=cable+wraps&kw=cable+wraps&parentPage=search

* Audio MP3 Cable:
Dynex - 6 foot. Plug one end into headphones jack and the other into car ‘Aux’ jack. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8231264&type=product&id=1168043635903&ref=09&loc=01&srccode=cii_5766179&cpncode=17-13643217-2

* External Speaker with volume control (When in a rental without ‘Aux’ jack)
Radio Shack. Need MP3 cable noted above to connect speaker to headphone jack on laptop. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062620&cp=&sr=1&origkw=speaker+with+volume&kw=speaker+with+volume&parentPage=search

* Gear Carrying Case
Cable stale by Skooba Design http://www.skoobadesign.com/product/deluxe-cable-stable-14/

* Power Inverter
Shown in the picture is an older modle Xantrex Xpower Pocket Inverter 100. They’ve updated it – here’s a picture latest: <edit>Expired link removed</edit>

There are other ‘slimline’ inverters out there, Kensington provides a few. For me (Mobile Sales) – smaller size is important, as everything needs to fit on my carry-on. Another key for me is getting one with a cable, vice a fixed plug in. I use allot of rental cars, and sometimes the fixed plug in model has a hard time squeezing in to the aux power port space. When choosing a smaller size inverter – you need to make sure it’s rated for your power requirements.

Since choosing the right power inverter is so important – I thought it could use a thread of it’s own. So click below for a new thread on choosing a power inverter:


Thanks for asking!
TQ for the excellent disclosure and "where from" to obtain the handy equipment or tools should anyone be keen on having it on their next "wish list".

This is the spirit I appreciate in... sharing and letting it be known what and with which YOU are geared with... why the secret like some are withholding? Ask or share it without any hidden motivations... We ALL are in this together when beefing up our setup and we just can't be everywhere or know everything and where from to get hold of... thats what I feel, is essentially important that a forum brings members and mindset happily together with a positive attitude in working or helping each other out... there should be no commercial undertones linked...

The minute you wake up for breakfast, selecting which cereal or milk brand or Wine (some start early with alcohol...), you are advocating to advertising with your purchase, is that a crime? Hell nooo, and so it is too within this forum, you make the choice and you decide what to get after coming to know it is what and where it can be obtained... saves alot of searching by overcoming futile browsing!

Thanks again to "My Point...Exactly" for kindly responding to my request and it made a lot of difference to my coming weekend spend...

Cheers to ALL and have a good weekend.
Marvin Hlavac
Larry in another thread posted a couple of YouTube videos by Keith (a.k.a. My Point...Exactly). These are samples from his training series. Check them out:


Marvin Hlavac
Keith ,

Chris Pendleton posted in his blog a review of your sales productivity training course. It was just posted a couple of hours ago, so perhaps you didn't even know yet.

Here's the link: Streets and Trips Training for Sales Professionals
My Point...Exactly
Thanks Marvin - I saw it. I was very pleased that Chris liked my training program - especially his quote: "If you think you know Streets and Trips, think again. Even I picked up a few tidbits on the software". That's humbling!

I've spent many, many hours with Streets and Trips over the last 10 years in sales - it has made me more productive, and made me a whole lot more commissions than I would have made without it.

I hope to help make Microsoft Streets and Trips as important as PowerPoint, Word and Excel to the traveling sales professional.

Thanks for watching out for me Marvin!
Marvin Hlavac
Here's a good story which illustrates the power of using a map as a sales presentation tool:

My Point...Exactly
Wow Marvin - Thanks - What a great story! you're right- it is a 'sales presentation story' - in this case the kids are the prospects, and the sales reps are the dedicated social workers looking to find them foster homes that keep them in their community. It choke's me up thinking what this must mean to a child, not to have to bear the pain and stress of leaving their familiar community surroundings, after suffering abuse.

This is a great story for Microsoft Streets and Trips as well. Here are the three paragraphs that sum up the huge value of S&T to this organization:

"Those familiar with such efforts say there are pros and cons, the cons being mostly cost. GIS packages can easily run millions of dollars, said Daniel Webster, a research specialist in the Child Welfare Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

In addition to the cost, GIS systems are often complex, requiring a certain level of technical sophistication. "So there are finance and technical barriers that keep a lot of people from using it," Webster said.

Washington's use of MST (Microsoft Streets and Trips), on the other hand, delivers readily accessible technology: an application that is both affordable and easy to use for the program coordinators who generate maps at the local level."

As I say in my training - "Streets and Trips not only helps you get to where you want to go, but helps you decide where you need to go in the first place."

In this case - where the kids need help.

Thanks for sharing Marvin!
My Point...Exactly
Here's a link to a higher quality two minute short I did for YouTube on using Streets and Trips aerial images to help you get to your sales call on time.

Marvin Hlavac
Keith, that's a good example of how the Live Search Maps integration in Streets & Trips can be used in real life. Thanks for sharing that!
Marvin Hlavac
Keith is now making the video available for free. This may or may not be a limited time offer, but he doesn't specify it:

Free Streets and Trips Training* is available at www.mypointsales.com. Free sign up. Training includes:

- Commands and Buttons overview
- Preparing a list
- Importing a list
- Using Streets and Trips Analysis Tools
- Planning a Trip
- Safety on the road
- Following a route
- and more

Training originally designed for instructing sales forces on using S&T to maximize sales - but methods shown are useful for all users of Streets and Trips.

Based on Streets and Trips 2008 Software. Techniques and concepts applicable to latest S&T version.

*Not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation.

Keith O'Brien
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