New Sofware Update for Garmin Mobile PC, version 5.00.20
Welp, in the spirit of updates... I bit the bullet..

Did a restore point first..

I am now at .20g from the link above and still have to unplug and replug for the 20x to be seen.... sigh..

Other than that, seems the update worked for whatever it was.. and yes it was still named 10 although the install shows version 20 during install and the about screen lets you know its .20g also.
Marvin Hlavac
Justaguyin_nc, thanks for the quick test and for your feedback. That was very valuable!
Thank you for doing that. I am still just as confused about what the USB change in the update was supposed to accomplish, but now I'm ready to do battle with Garmin again.

Been watching this thread (and waiting) to see if I should update GMPC. I currently have the software only version. I managed to install it on both my desktop (for planning) and my laptop (for navigation). I think Garmin has closed the loophole now on installing it on multiple PCs.

Does anyone foresee or had any problems with the updating multiple PCs (again one copy of software on different PCs). I am concerned about losing my two activations if something goes wrong? Not sure if it is worth the risk.

Have the issues with the update been fixed yet? I was not sure?

Marvin Hlavac
HarryD, the update now updates to the proper version (that has been fixed). But I think the changes in the new version help only while on the road (navigating), and they will make no difference at home on your desktop. I'd suggest keeping your desktop version as is, and updating your mobile laptop only.

I'm still a bit confused about the number of copies of Garmin Mobile PC users can install. With competing products it is quite clear: they usually allow for two software installations, but with Garmin Mobile PC it seems we are allowed only one installation - at least those of us who have opted for the software-only version. The Garmin GPS20x version seems to work on multiple computers, as long as the same GPS20x USB GPS receiver is used along with it.
Ken in Regina
Harry and Marvin,

I will find out tonite whether updating to the .20 version messes up a multi-computer installation. I made the mistake of trying it on my desktop yesterday, before I did my laptop. Never even gave any thought to Harry's concern. So I'll do the laptop tonite and report back. Either way.

I have done my backup computer and the UMPC successfully. Both of these were on a single license from before the cut off and both are working fine.

Mobile PC on the UMPC will no longer recognize the built-in GPS on the COM port. I am sure this is unrelated and am trying to track it down.

I have confirmed the Mobile PC 5.00.20 works fine on the UMPC with anything but the internal GPS. I have tested an external GPS on COM 3 in both Garmin and NMEA mode, and a Garmin Bluetooth GPs on COM 5 and Bluetooth mode.

The problem is with the internal GPS on COM 2 and is related to MPC only.
*edit* Now that is working too!!

I have restored the UMPC to 5.00.10. I was only able to access the built-in GPS once with 5.00.20 and I couldn't figure out why it worked that time. With 5.00.10 it has no problems finding it on COM 2.

Although the built-in GPS is poorly designed, it is better than nothing. If my GPS 10x goes dead or is unavailable for some other reason, this will work fine for backup. I am sorry to lose the option to disable sleep mode but there are easy workarounds for that.

Garmin still has to fix my disappearing street name issue! Is anyone else running into this?!
Did you try setting Map Detail to Most in Settings - Map. Otherwise it is usually just a zoom thing. Details are left off to reduce clutter when navigating.

I miss the street name thing from Que listing where you are.

But the wierd thing is... if I restart the program, at the same zoom level, all the street names show!
If the GPS is active, it may be that the angle is different when you restart. Possibly names only show at certain angles to overcome display difficulties . I'll try to pay more attention next time I use it.

Originally Posted by videonerd
Garmin still has to fix my disappearing streetname issue!! Is anyone else running into this?!

i have the same issue too. at first i thought it was my settings but after i managed to set everything to its maximum (map: Most) i still have the same issue.

i even downloaded the update Version 5.00.30g but still the same.
Garmin seems to take a very low-appreciation for customer feedback. I have yet to get any tech support feedback about these issues when I emailled in.

I think I'm going iGuidance 2009 and wait for Mobile PC v2.
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