Canadians can't buy a map upgrade...
Ken in Regina
I can't use the City Navigator North America NT 2009 that came with Mobile PC with Mapsource on my PC. Even if I could, my Garmin iQue 3600 can't use NT maps anyway. It's old enough that it can only use the non-NT version. So I decided to bite the bullet and spring for the upgrade from my v8 to v2009.

Turns out that's not so easy.

In the past I've just had GPS Central ship me the DVD and then get an unlock code from Garmin. So I checked GPS Central and their site has a note that the non-NT version is only available by download from Garmin's site and they have a link that's supposed to take you there.

Woops. Nothing there for download.

Next step is try to order the DVD from Garmin's site. There are at least two ways to get to the ordering pages for City Navigator NA 2009. Both end with the same result. In the ordering process you get to a page that wants you to select your location (Country) from a dropdown list.

Woops. Canada isn't in the list.

Obviously you can't select some other country because that will do you no good. So I select "OTHERS".

Wooops. That just gets a database error.

Not done yet (I don't give up easily). Sent an email to tech support explaining the problem on their site and asked how to order the DVD. They replied that I could order the DVD through their web site and specified the order page. Cursing loudly (to myself) I responded that it doesn't work and to go back and read my original support request for a description of the problem. So they emailed me back and said I had to call their 1-800 number for assistance in ordering.

Still not giving up, I called the toll-free number. First rep can't help. He's just an order-taker and has no control of the technical problems. So he transfers me to a tech support specialist. I ran through the problem with the tech support guy, with him following through the process as I described it to him.

"Wooops", he says, "Obviously that's not going to work. But that's okay, you can just contact GPS Central in Canada to get a copy of the DVD." .............


.............. ..............

............ ........ Now what????

So I've sent an email off to GPS Central to see what the real story is. Do they have the DVDs or don't they???

I'll continue here when I get a reply.

You have to wait until GPS Central or GPS City Canada stocks the part number you need. I went through this quite a while ago but, at the time, the DVD was not available on Garmin's site. Now that it is, its a matter of when and if a Canadian distributor will order it. Send GPS Central an email with the part number and see if they can get it.

But, as you pointed out some time ago;
Why go through the hassle when you have MG Can v4. It works fine with XT.

I also sent an email to Garmin when it appeared on their site. They had promised me a copy a month or so ago. However, I don't expect a reply.

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