DeLorme Street Atlas & Microsoft Streets and Trips - File Compatibility
Apologies for being a newbie here and possibly not describing as best I can, but...

I have a business who has customers that use the two programs listed above to identify locations of their equipment. I am trying to determine if there might be a Windows-based program out there that will read and display files of both programs so that I don't have to purchase and support two different programs to access this data.

An alternative might be something that I can extract the data to from each so that I can use it in a single program, too.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi lwb250,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

How are they using the two programs to "identify locations of their equipment"? Do they use the programs in the field with GPS to mark the locations? Or they do it in the office by marking the locations on the map with drawing tools included in the programs?
Are you talking about saving the locations in a POI file, then using them in either program? You can import POIs into both Streets & Trips and Street Atlas.
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