Can Garmin Mobile 10 be identified by the map source software?
Wow, there's a lot here to go through. Wish I'd found you guys before I bought that iQue3200. On with my question.

I had an iQue3200 and a smart phone. The iQue died and was replaced by Garmin with my choice. I chose the mobile 10 for smartphones. Well in the 2 weeks it took to get the new mobile 10 the company I work for replaced all the smart phones and .... now what do I do?

Is there a way to get the mobile 10 to be identified by the map source software I used for the iQue? I'm currently out of the country and unable to call Garmin.
If you are referring to the Garmin Bluetooth GPS 10x (normally the GPS supplied with Mobile 10/ 20) then yes. It puts out NMEA sentences by default and should work with any GPS program. You will need to identify which COM port your mobile phone is assigning to the Bluetooth serial port when it pairs with the 10x. Then direct your mapping software to that port.

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