iGuidance 4 - Search POI by name AND distance?
So I'm on the road and I need to find, say a Radio Shack. I open up the POI's and get to the Retail section and further to the Electronics section. Now I can either choose to list all within 25mi and try to scroll through the list, or I can search. If I search, it just seemingly gives me all of them within who knows how far, in alphabetical order. Is there any way to get it to display them by distance? If I don't know the area I'm in very well (hence needing to use iG to find the place), I don't recognize which one is where and what's close or far. Has anyone come up with a hack for this? Will this be in iGuidance 2009?
Marvin Hlavac
I sure hope there will be some change in POI search functionality in the upcoming iGuidance 2009. If I recall correctly there were around 6 million POI's in iGuidance 4, but depending on how you needed to search for them, you may be out of luck.

iNav does mention some feature related to POI searches will be added (or modified?) in iGuidance 2009. I don't have the current Beta 1, but I may have the upcoming Beta 2. If iNav permits me to write about the not-yet-released software, I surely will look at all details.
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