Laptop GPS recommendations?
Hey guys. so im brand new to this forum and dont really know much about laptop gps. i have a cobra 5000 gps navigation system. im trying to use my IBM thinkpad t40 to do gps.

what are the requirements for having a functioning navigation on my laptop?

Hi Sniper,
I am also new to this Laptop GPS thing..
I did a quick lookup of the specs on your laptop... 1.5ghz and USB 2.0 ports..

Let me say this.. your laptop seems to match up to my 3690 acer pretty well..
I went with the Garmin Mobile PC 20x package (thats the software cd and gps included)... $99.00
I run mine with Vista and it all works pretty darn well!
No errors.. and GPS updates quickly in my area..
so there you have one suggestion..
simple.. easy to see..(15 inch screen here) voice commands.. and cheap!
Look into the threads on Garmin Mobile PC
good luck.. and welcome to the forum..
You shouldn't have any trouble running any GPS apps on that computer. My laptop is an HP DV8000. It has a 17" screen, 1gig of ram and a 2gig cpu. I have my cpu throttled to 800mhz all the time now and you can't tell a difference between the speed.

The only recommendation I could make if you're thinking of buying a new laptop for the vehicle to run a GPS app on would be to get one with a touchscreen.
I tested Garmin Mobile PC on following laptops:HP 410E,IBM-T30,IBM-X31,IBM-T40,IBM-T41,IBM-T42,IBM-T60,TOSHIBA-Satelite-A70 and DELL-Latitude-D610.GMPC working very well on this laptops.The operating system on all laptops is Windows XP Pro.On my car laptop wich is DELL,I run at same time the following GPS software:Microsoft Street and Trips;GMPC;nRoute and MapSource.Also at same time my laptop is playing DVD movie for kids on back seats.My DELL have only 512MB of RAM.I guess you do not nedd latest or greatest laptop for GPS navigation.
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