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Add *.xlsx to Import Data Wizard of Microsoft Streets and Trips
Tom Bernardi
Need the ability to import *.xlsx Excel Spreadsheets.

Currently a user can import data in *.xls and .xlt Excel spreadsheets, however, Microsoft is not keeping up with its own complimentary software updates, since you can't import the new *.xlsx type spreadsheet without re-saving it under the old format.

Tom Bernardi
Hi Tom,

Streets & Trips 2009 allows the import of data in the new Office 2007 file formats.

The official support list for S&T 2009 is as follows:
  • Microsoft Office Access (.accdb and .mdb formats)
  • Microsoft Office Excel (.xls and .xlsx formats)
  • Microsoft Office Outlook Contacts
  • Another database, by using a Microsoft Data Link
  • Plain-text files (*.txt, *.csv, *.asc, or *.tab format) for programs not supported by Streets & Trips
  • Microsoft Streets & Trips 2000 pushpin files (*.stp)
Tom Bernardi

Thanks for the reply and that is great to hear about .xlsx. Could you tell me if any of my other "pet peeves" are in the new version:

1. Searching for POI has no initial criteria, and on the initial function use it tries to search of POI's for 10 miles along the entire route as example. Couldn't there be a default setting in Options for "Point" and "1 mile", as example. It is frustrating because it will lock up my computer for hours, well, OK a long time.

2. Exporting GPS points. It would be nice to export a group of POIs or stops. I now locate "Curves" exercise locations for my wife by hand to give her routes from where we are staying (campgrounds), but it would be nice to accumulate those. Also, we have favorite campgrounds, as example, Silver River State Park near Ocala that have no campground symbol for them and it would be nice to export points.

3. Day 1, Day 2, on map print outs should use dates (or at least give you the option) - on Trailer Life mapping software you enter a start date and then based on nights, tells you what the date is. This is very handy for making reservations after a route is set.

Thanks again,
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