Garmin Mobile PC for Australia
Having spent hours researching PC based navigation software, I came across Laptop GPS World and most of the pain has been eased! Based on the posts, I decided I should buy Garmin Mobile PC, but still have a couple of questions. I hope someone can help:

1. Can I get maps for Australia?
2. Has anyone already bought the product with Australian maps and if so where from (and how much)?
3. Based on the thread from Ken in Regina, it appears I would be wise to get/use Mapsource especially for use with planning routes etc. Do you buy Mapsource separately or does it come with the maps?

Thanks in advance
Marvin Hlavac
Hi David,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

The way I understand it, if you get Garmin-compatible 3rd party maps, then you will have no problem using them with Garmin Mobile PC (with either Garmin GPS20x or a non-Garmin GPS receiver).

However, if you buy Garmin maps with the intention to use them with Garmin Mobile PC, you will need Garmin GPS20x, but for much better explanation please read Ken's reply here: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/688-activation-map-detail-usb-cable-other-garmin-mobile-pc-issues#post3981
Thanks Marvin - will follow this up. I followed one of the other threads and now have MapSource installed. Any suggestions as to where to source Garmin Compatible maps for Europe and Australia?
Marvin Hlavac
There was a user here recently who successfully used open source map data for New Zealand with Garmin Mobile PC. He provided a link in his posting. I just briefly looked, and I see map data for Australia there, too, as well as other countries. Check his posting here: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/468-laptop-gps-setup-new-zealand#post2933

There may be other sources of non-Garmin, Garmin-compatible maps, available on the web.
Again Thanks - another possibly dumb question - I have found a number of maps that I am interested in. Each is a single file with extension of .IMG In order to view in MapSource, I notice that there must be an install process that adds entries to the registry etc etc. Simply loading the .IMG into the same directory as the others doesnt work (obviously). Is there a utility around that will build an executable to install .IMG files for MapSource?
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by Davidg
... Is there a utility around that will build an executable to install .IMG files for MapSource?
Yes. I think it's cGPSmapper. I've never used it so I can't swear that it's the one.

Also check out MapCenter.

Thanks Ken, (for both responses). I will look into cGPSmapper and let you know what happens.
cGPSmapper only converts maps into the .img (Garmin's) format. You can use a GPSMapEdit (http://www.geopainting.com/en/) to view and edit the .img files (its native format is .pm and it is "human-readable").
I used the ones from here for NZ with no probs (still working on getting the speed camera stuff to work)

Looks like the road maps for austraila have an installer, get that one and .. well install it, and the maps should then be available in mapsource.

then you select the maps in mapsource, and export to device (i think).mobile PC needs to be running for mapsource to detect it as a "device"

then it does it all for you...
Ken in Regina
Here's the post about http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/688-activation-map-detail-usb-cable-other-garmin-mobile-pc-issues

I have discovered that you don't need to have Mobile PC running for MapSource to detect it, as long as you have the latest version of MapSource.

davidg where are you getting your copy of mobile PC from?

i cant find a local supplier, so looks like ill be paying $30US for shipping from the states.

whats the shipping cost to other people, eg in the UK or the US for this...
all i really want is the cd key, and an ISO image of the cd/dvd less the maps..
and im happy to pay for it but garmin wont sell it like that...
Thanks all for the above. Woofnstuff, I am still making up my mind whether to buy Mobile PC so have not yet looked into freight costs etc. Garmin have just opened their own office in Australia so I am hoping to get some information next week on if/when it will be available in Oz. Will let you know when I find out more info.
ok sweet,

i know shipping from the US is $30us.

post back if you find a local supplier.
Johny Appleseed stores claim to stock both City Navigator for Australia and New Zealand. I have installed and played around with nroute and as far as I can see it will more than suffice in the short term until Mobile PC gets sorted properly, especially availability down under. I will check with local Melbourne store to see what they have in stock - postage to NZ cant be much so if you try nroute I can organise NZ maps for you and post. Their WEB is http://www.ja-gps.com.au/maps_citynavigaust.html
i have been using nroute for a while now, and its fine for most of my needs
I cracked open the free trial of mobile PC and i guess with time i would get used to it.. it seems to have a better flow to it, and much easier to navigate the app in a car. (but you dont do that while driving)

as for maps... check my post up the page.
the NZ ones are great and updated almost daily...and totally free.
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