Import GIS data from my County GIS Department into DeLorme Street Atlas
I work for the Sheriff's Office here in Linn County, Oregon, USA. I have been looking for a product that will display roads, routes, and aerials of my county. I have direct access to zero-day GIS info, and would like to be able to update the program with this data monthly, or at least more often than when a new release is out.

I have Street Atlas USA Plus 2009 and am trying to import dbf files given to me by our GIS department, but I'm getting an error.

Also we have SHP files that I'd like to import.

How should I go about doing this?

We actually do not support the importing of dbf (.dbf that are DBase and not associated with a .shp can be imported through the XData tab and points placed on the map by address or lat/lon) or .shp files into our Street Atlas USA product line. In order to do what you want to do you would need our Xmap product.

I can have someone give you a call to go over the XMap functionality if you would like, send me a PM if you would like me to set that up.



We're not looking to spend tens of thousands of dollars on this project. I'm looking to outfit 55 Patrol Cars with a product that can display a map of my county, display aerials photographs, route points, and then if we can update it with our GIS data great. If that means I have to spend $500+ per unit then we're willing to drop a feature.

If Street Atlas can do all but the updating, then it's an option. I had planned to use MS Streets & Trips, but thought I'd look into other options.
Ken in Regina
If you have someone in the department who is GIS-literate there are utilities that allow you to create transparent overlays for Garmin maps. That would allow you to use your updated data on top of, say, Garmin's City Navigator North America mapset. Your GIS person could update and provide new versions of the overlay as frequently as you care to have it done. It should be possible to also do overlays using the aerial photos. Using the MapSource program that comes with each copy of Garmin's City Navigator product, you can import waypoints in a standard format.

Especially being w/ another county dept, the GIS should be bending over backward to help you.

Ask them about ArcReader (ESRI product... if your county uses ESRI software as their backbone). ArcReader is a free read-only version to utilize the GIS data(other than the single extension they'd need to create your ArcReader file). Like you want, the county's data is more detailed and centric to your area.
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