Garmin Mobile PC printed user manual.
I just upgraded from Garmin nRoute software to Garmin Mobile PC. What I am looking for is a printed manual for using Garmin Mobile PC. I had a printed "help guide" for nRoute and referred to it often. I would like to have the same printed reference for Garmin Mobile PC. I have looked and am unable to locate one. Can anyone suggest a solution?
Ken in Regina
There is no user manual for Mobile PC yet. Not an electronic one and not a printed one. Garmin has not produced one yet. It would be helpful if you, and everyone else who wants one, would email Garmin Product Support and request that they get off their tails and get one done.

Just click to this link then click on the email Product Support link and request a proper user manual.

In the mean time you can get some help from the Mobile XT user manual. It is a PDF file so you can also print it if you think it will be helpful enough. Mobile PC is not identical to Mobile XT, but there are enough similarities that it should be helpful.

One obvious difference is that "Favorites" in Mobile PC is "My Locations" in Mobile XT.

Thanks for info Ken! I will certainly write Garmin to insist that they produce a complete user manual for the Mobile PC product that they sell.
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