Microsoft AutoRoute 2007 Experience
Just returned from 10 wks in Europe where I used AR2007 quite often , Had good experience and it saved many headaches. Caused 1 0r 2 but on balance was great.
Marvin Hlavac
It has been a few years since our last trip to Europe, but we did use Microsoft AutoRoute on our laptop as well. I recall a funny incident. We were on our way from Austria to Italy, and according to Microsoft AutoRoute we were approaching the border between the two countries, so I asked my wife to get ready our passports. I was watching the GPS location icon on the map getting closer to the border between Austria and Italy, but the traffic was for some reason not slowing down. Suddenly, to our surprise, the traffic signs changed from the German language to Italian ! We didn't even slow down, and we were suddenly in Italy ! We didn't know they no longer had the borders there like in the olden days .
The ironic thing is that Autoroute is the original product that got acquired by Microsoft back in the early 1990s. And now, Autoroute has lower sales and skipped an upgrade, whereas S&T is still doing all right.

Your experience in crossing borders is amusing.

I had a few interesting things happen with AR07. My first use of the software in Europe was in going from Paris up the autoroute to Belgium. We had arranged for a B&B in Flanders just inside the FR/BE border. To my amazement the route took us onto local roads in Flanders (I was aware it was going to do this because our B&B was in a hamlet in the country).

The local roads didn't seem to have names (I later learned how they name their roads and where to look) but we just trusted the software as it was taking us where we needed to go. At destination it told us we had arrived just as we passed the entrance to the local graveyard in the hamlet. Not seeing address info that indicated we were at destination I retraced route to the first farmhouse. The elderly farmer could only speak flemish and I couldn't understand him when I gave him name and address of our place. He did teach my my first flemis work thought. He kept pointing and repeating "kirkhoff" (sp??) I eventually twigged to the fact that he was referring to the graveyard and telling me that the people's property was just on the onther side of the "kirkhoff" . Went back and sure enought there was a sign I didn't see because it was obscured by a tree branch. GPS took me right to where I needed to be.

This made me overconfident so on going back into France a few days later I trusted it totally (a mistake-----do your homework!!!) I followed its directions to leave the autoroute prior to the main interaction of two autoroutes---cutting a corner to save time i guess. What I didn't know (because I didn't check route carefully) was that there was no interchange onto the second freeway at the point it indicated I should join. This led to a slow 75 km journey through the countryside (enjoyable) trying to get to an interchange.

Talk later.
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