Why will my Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 not show the Pushpins I create?
Can any of you Streets Gurus tell me why my Streets 2006 will not show the Pushpins I create? I have plenty of disc space and everything else works. I reloaded MS, still does not work. Is there a limit on .est file size or number of pushpins?
The limit is 10,000 pushpins. Is your .est from an older version? If so, there maybe a backwards compatibility issue. Also, if you created your pushpin set in MapPoint it will not import into S&T.

Hmmm, I have been using this 2006 for, I guess about 2 years now, still, 10,000 places. Well, that is a lot of stops. Any way to check for the total in the file?
Marvin Hlavac
Perhaps the old file got corrupted? Can you create pushpins in a new map file? If yes, then try to copy/paste all your pushpins from the old map file to a new map file.
Marvin Hlavac
... also you may try to check if there is an updated driver software for your video adapter (just in case you are in fact creating new pushpins successfully, but you are just unable to see them).
Since S&T doesn't use hardware acceleration, this problem is unlikely to be caused by the video driver. S&T actually works fine even on SVGA, i.e. with no manufacturer-provided video driver.

I wonder: Do the pushpins show up on the pushpins set? What's the symbol? Some of the symbols are really inconspicuous -- there's one that's just an empty circle, and is indistinguishable from the empty circle used for, say, a city. See screenshot.

Also, it is very helpful to give a step-by-step list of what you did to get to this problem. It should be as detailed as: "I started up Streets & Trips, then I clicked on this button, then I dragged this to here, then I typed ABC into box XYZ." The industry terminology for such a list is "repro steps" -- i.e. what you need to do to reproduce the problem on another computer. This helps put all the important information up-front, rather than having to go through "20 questions" style information-seeking.
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