TTS not working in my Garmin Mobile PC!
Hi all,
I recently received Garmin Mobile PC and updated it to 5.00.30
While trying out the software, I found out that the TTS isn't working.
Other than that, the voice prompts work. Ex "In 20 meters, turn left"
I don't know if TTS has worked for 5.00.00 since I have not tried out the program before updating.
Any ideas anyone?
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Ken in Regina
TTS?? Text-To-Speech??

Mine works in 5.00.10 and 5.00.20. I have not upgraded to 5.00.30 yet so I can't help there.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi benlumberkid,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

If you go to Windows Control Panel => Text-To-Speech => Preview Voice, can you hear it?

What operating system are you using?
Text to Speech appears to work fine with 5.00.30 in XP Home SP2. Your screen capture shows a missing selection.

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I'm using Windows XP SP3 and I can hear Microsoft Sam talking when I press "Preview Voice"
That's really bizarre that I don't have "American English - Mary (Speaks street names)" in Garmin Mobile PC.

Here's the list of the files in my \GarminMobilePC\Voice folder:
  • Deutsch__.vpm
  • English_American_.vpm
  • English_British_.vpm
  • Espanol_European_.vpm
  • Francais_Canadian_.vpm
  • Francais_European_.vpm
  • Italiano__.vpm
Perhaps I am missing a file from here?
If someone can kindly upload the possible missing file to a filesharing website and post the link here (or personal message me), that would be most appreciated!
You appear to have all the files I have. Maybe a removal and reinstall is the solution.

Marvin Hlavac
Did you install from the original DVD? If this is just the downloaded trial version, then perhaps the download doesn't contain the Microsoft Anna TTS engine.
Sorry I forgot to mention that this is the downloaded trial version.
I did some tinkering and installed the same program on my other laptop...TTS (Microsoft Anna) works on this machine!
I think this is because I had MS Streets & Trips 2007 installed previously (which includes MS Anna) on this machine, whereas I did not have Streets & Trips installed on my first computer.

So I'm guessing that Garmin Mobile PC doesn't have its own TTS engine? It just uses Microsoft Anna?
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