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MS Streets & Trips 2007 Keys v3.43.01 English and S&T 2007 Keys v3.43.01 French
I have modified a new branch v3.43.01 of S&T 2007 Keys software based on toyfountain v2.43 (english and french) versions, tools initially created by Marvin H. This version corrects some bugs and also add a couple of small enhancements .

Whats' new:

1- There are now 2 french versions. The new one is for people with a laptop with US keyboard that needs a french version (file ending by fr_uskbd). The other one has the same keys assigned by toyfountain (file ending by fr). These french versions are compatible on the US english version of S&T 2007.

2- <F2> startup hotkey is now configurable. It can be now the <F2> or the <SCROLL LOCK> key as desired. The reason of this change is to keep the feature of the <F2> key and to assign it to a "free key". The <F2> is heavily used by windows already as a "Rename" shortcut key, which i am using a lot :rofl".

3- <F4> touch screen button is now configurable as desired. It can be disabled or not. The reason of this change is that i don't have a touch screen, so i want to remove it from the screen to avoid clutter.

4- Disable the internet update function in all versions.

Bugs correction:

1- Repaired the french version 2.43 which was broken and was not working anymore.

2- Correction of shortcut keys (for route configuration/optimisation) Q,S,T,H,P which was broken in english version v2.43

3- Text corrections in the french version

4- Cosmetic modifications for all versions.

5- Corrected old web site reference (before laptopgps) in all versions.

Known issues:

1- Probably there is a bug for AR 2007 version (which i don't have for testing) in either the english or french version. I don't know if it is compatible with it anymore.

2- Pressing <F2> key while "option" panel is on the screen will makes the option panel sticky there forever until you close S&T keys. It is an old bug from v2.43. I didn't have time to repair this one yet

Feel free to test it and reports any bugs. It is a fresh new version coming out from the oven, so surprises are possible. All 3 versions are in the same zip file.
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Marvin Hlavac
MisterMoonlight, thanks very much for posting this. I wish I had my Streets and Trips 2007 still installed - I would be glad to test your creation.

Is this for Vista, or XP, or both? I'll place a link to this thread in the download area of S&T Keys page.
I have tested it on win XP. I don't have vista at all so i don't know if it is compatible at all.

Maybe somebody can test it and reports.

For my education and curiosity, what are the needed changes in your own original version (from S&T 2007 to S&T 2008) to be compatible with S&T2008:

1- What is mandatory to make it work?
2- What is optional to enhance the user experience?
Marvin Hlavac
Streets & Trips 2008 has added bunch of features, and check boxes in the GPS Task pane. I think that was the main change. Now Streets & Trips 2009 is just around the corner, and it'll require more of the same again, at least judging by the screenshot I've seen of the GPS Task pane for the new version. And I haven't done anything with S&T Keys in almost a year - I hope I haven't forgotten AutoIt, yet.
S&T 2009 seems to be interesting with some new options i am waiting for. It could makes me jump from 2007 version to 2009.

Maybe i could update this actual S&T keys version to be compatible with 2009 if upgrade path worth it. Actually version 2008 was a no go for me mostly because of the auto reroute feature...
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