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To add a new tip, a trick, a fix, or a work-around, please just start a new topic in our forum. Anything you can share will be very much appreciated. I will then place a link to your thread here. Please, if you have several tips to share, start a new topic for each of them. Tips may relate to AutoRoute, Streets & Trips, or MapPoint.

(tip # 086) New! America's scenic highways and byways for Microsoft Streets & Trips (Thanks Larry)

(tip # 085) How to increase font size for Altitude in the GPS pane in Streets & Trips

(tip # 084) [Video] Creating Mailing Labels from MapPoint Pushpins: Tutorial (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 083) How to combine pushpin sets from different maps into the same map (Thanks Larry)

(tip # 082) [Video] Speed Pro Multi Pushpin 'one click placement' (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 081) [Video] Import custom pushpins (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 080) Unable to save a new zoom level in a previously saved map file

(tip # 079) Missing mfc100.dll error in Streets & Trips 2013 (Thanks MichaelG and Overnight)

(tip # 078) [Video] Import Points from S&T to Google Map (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 077) [Video] POI Megafile (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 076) [Video] Draw Territories in S&T (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 074) [Video] Optimize Your Route (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 073) [Video] Search along section of route in your trip (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 072) [Video] Plan fuel stops (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 071) [Video] Downloading S&T Trial (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 070) [Video] Import the list (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 069) [Video] Using Zoom Feature (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 068) [Video] Printing Maps and Directions (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 067) [Video] Version 2009 Pushpin Update (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 066) [Video] Streets and Trips for Real Estate (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 065) [Video] Truckers: Adjust Route from Dispatch (Thanks MyPointSales.com)

(tip # 064) How to reorder pushpin sets (Thanks Larry)

(tip # 063) Fixed: Streets & Trips stops responding at the startup screen in Windows 7 (Thanks Larry)

(tip # 062) Turn Beep for S&T

(tip # 061) Error: Registry settings not copied correctly (Thanks Alaskanyukon)

(tip # 060) Licensing initialization error 0xc004D301

(tip # 059) How to use GPS Trail data from S&T in other programs? (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 058) Merging Two Sorts of Pushpins (Thanks SpadesFlush

(tip # 057) The correct use of the Avoid Area feature (Thanks Larry & MisterMoonlight)

(tip # 056) Convert Stops to Pushpins (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 055) Pushpins don't show up on map after address search (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 054) Trial not starting after installation (Thanks GeeksOnTour & tccasidy)

(tip # 053) Time Zone Overlay Template (Thanks SteveJonesMO)

(tip # 052) RV Tech Library - S&T Tutorial (Brian Robertson a.k.a. Confused)

(tip # 051) Adding pushpins to an Imported Dataset? (SpadesFlush)

(tip # 050) Easy Way to Zoom Directly to Your Favorite Place, Home, City or Region (VMGPS2)

(tip # 049) Using LowClearance.com data (Thanks S&T Team)

(tip # 048) How to transfer custom pushpin icons / symbols to your existing map (Thanks Larry)

(tip # 047) Any tips before I start installing new S&T? (Thanks tcassidy)

(tip # 046) Use Two Open Windows to Compare Alternative Route Choices (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 045) New text appears in some pushpins after files converted to new version (Thanks Larry)

(tip # 044) Keep another map open in a background window when using GPS (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 043) Create Audible Time Checks and Reminders (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 042) Edit how the Stops are presented in Driving Directions and Navigation pane (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 041) An activated S&T prompts to activate again! (Thanks t923347)

(tip # 040) Keep Your Trip Archives Fresh (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 039) Importing without lat/long appearing in pushpins (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 038) Adding location as a pushpin (Thanks Gladwin)

(tip # 037) How to move multiple pushpins from one pushpin set to another (Thanks Gladwin)

(tip # 036) How to use Garmin Nuvi as a GPS receiver for S&T (via GpsGate) (Thanks tcassidy and Ken in Regina)

(tip # 035) Enhanced driving directions using rename stops (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 034) Plan a Route Without "Bogus Stops" (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 033) Hot! POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers (Thanks Larry)

(tip # 032) Unable to search some addresses in ST2009 and ST2010 (Thanks yeek)

(tip # 031) I hate Microsoft Anna! SOLVED! Add new voices to S&T! (Thanks insanitor)

(tip # 030) Do I need to be online for Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 to send to Garmin unit?

(tip # 029) How to use Live Search (Ctrl+K) (Thanks Gladwin)

(tip # 028) How to get distances from B to C and C to D and more (Thanks Gladwin)

(tip # 027) Combining maps (Thanks Gladwin)

(tip # 026) Library of Member Trips (Thanks SpadesFlush)

(tip # 025) [Template] Old-style pushpins for Streets & Trips 2009 / MapPoint 2009
(Thanks Gladwin and Larry)

(tip # 024) POI online search: Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) (Thanks Paul Randall)

(tip # 023) Where did the "Pan" and "Select" tools go on the Toolbar in S&T 2009? (Thanks S&T Team)

(tip # 022) POI collections by DiscoveryOwners.com: New style page (may be easier to use), and old style page (Thanks DiscoveryOwners.com)

(tip # 021) Will old USB GPS Locator work with new S&T version?

(tip # 020) Pushpin images for ST2009 - free download (Thanks S&T Team)

(tip # 019) Streets & Trips 2009 Trial Edition FAQ (Thanks Microsoft)

(tip # 018) How to report data accuracy errors

(tip # 017) What is GPS "Accuracy", Anyway??? (Thanks Ken in Regina)

(tip # 016) Automatically optimize stops (Thanks S&T Team)

(tip # 015) Customize what you see when S&T starts (Thanks S&T Team)

(tip # 014) What is the Max Number of Waypoints for a Route? (Thanks S&T Team)

(tip # 013) Why is construction data and/or map data not up-to-date? (Thanks Larry)

(tip # 012) List of free software helpful to Streets and Trips users

(tip # 011) Can I use Microsoft Streets and Trips USB GPS receiver GPS-500 on Mac OS X? (Thanks Mac OS X Prolific PL2303 driver project)

(tip # 010) S&T takes too long to start (Thanks taoyue)

(tip # 009) Missing menu bar

(tip # 008) If the 'Avoid Area' is too bright in Night Mode - change its color

(tip # 007) Finding the Cursor while on the road

(tip # 006) Compatible GPS Receivers

(tip # 005) Pushpin links to files and folders (Thanks Gratefuldeadbolt)

(tip # 004) Unable to open a map saved in much earlier version (Thanks Larry)

(tip # 003) Night mode tip (Thanks toyfountain)

(tip # 002) Large prints and screenshots

(tip # 001) Problem opening an old file in a new Microsoft Streets and Trips version - and a solution
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