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im playing around a bit with Street & Trips. What i want is finding places on my route. So i created a Route (San Diego - Tuscon) and made a nearby places search (e.g. 3mi.). S&T finds loots of POIs -3069- in various categories, but how can i now search this list? For example the next 5 Mc Donalds, oder Starbucks or gas stations on my route?
And does S&T search in driving direction only? I dont want it to find a Mc Donalds 100km back instead in driving direction..

When you select find nearby places it searches what's near (in this case 3mi) based on your route (in this case San Diego - Tucson). You can select which part of the route you want to search for Selecting the portion of your route in the "Around" box. Also, selecting by distance will show the closest POI at the top.

As far as I know there is no way to search the list of places, however you can select which places show on the map by clicking "Show or Hide places" which helps narrowing your search.
the thing is there is no Wypoint between San Diego and Tucson... and of course i will find POIS behind me
SO i cant filter Mc Donalds on the route only?
Hmm, I guess there is no easy way to do what you want it to do... at least that I can think of.

Here's the best I could do:
thanks. But if i understand right. So if i understand right, the distance shown is the distance from the route, right? And not the distance from my postition? )) Thast would be a lots of mc donalds near me

I only know it from tomtom devices, where i can search for *whatever* on my route. It shows objektes like S&T does in a 2-3mi. corridor, but ordered by distance from my position. And it does not show POIS behind me... so sth. like that isn possible?

Thanks for your help
That is correct. At least as far as I can tell. I don't see any option for it, unfortunately.
another question. How did u "simulate" your GPS position?
I used GPSGate to simulate my position. There are a few other programs that will do it too.
If you look at the Trip itinerary (shows the routes you'll take), you can right-click on a "section" and do a search for nearby places.
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thats better than nothing.. thanks for that tip
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